Ultra Bali Music Festival 2017- Your Way into The Magical Hamlet Of Music!

Friedrich Nietzsche surely experienced the magic of music when he said, “Without music, life would be a mistake.” And looking at the bliss that the rhythms of music bring to our hearts, we couldn’t agree more with him. It is like a food of the soul when you feel exhausted with the tensions of the world. A perfect escape for every music worshipper, music wins the heart of people across boundaries and makes them dance together to its beats! Today, enjoying the spellbinding feel of the music, the world celebrates many outstanding and awe-inspiring music festivals that attract people from diverse regions.

Among such music festivals, Ultra Bali Music Festival has gathered significant attention from the music lovers in a very short span of time.

It has just been few years since it came to the fore with its exceptionally great fest which now holds a special place among the most iconic music festivals in the world. Part of Ultra Worldwide initiative, the fest hosts the music fanatics on the ravishing beach of Bali!

You will be excited to know that the festival is all set to mark its 2017 celebration with more enthusiasm and eccentric styles of Hardwell, Kygo, and Zedd to leave you breathless from dancing. Yeah! And it is scheduled for September 14th – 15th, 2017 at the bewitching Potato Head Beach Club, Bali. So, start your preparation and immediately go for Emirates Airlines ticket booking online from travel agencies like Yatra.

Traveling to Bali and not witnessing its mesmerizing beauty? We are sure that you don’t want to commit that sin and that is why we got the list of 7 top attractions of Bali exclusively for you. Choose and Enjoy!

  1. Pura Tanah Lot

With its spectacular seaside setting, Pura Tanah Lot proves why Bali is called the Island of the Gods. Built in the 16th century, this alluring sea temple can be the perfect place to start your Bali exploration!

  1. Uluwatu Temple

One of the most significant six temples of Bali, Uluwatu Temple reflects the spiritual beliefs of the Bali. During sunsets, you can also attend one of the nightly traditional Kecak dance performances to feel the musical connection. To visit this place, you have to pay a small entry fee.

  1. Mount Batur

Just an hour away from Ubud, this sacred active volcano is very popular among trekkers and steals the heart of travelers with its enchanting sunrise view. And if you love to trek, then Mount Batur is where you should head in Bali.

  1. Ubud Monkey Forest

Take a stroll in the picturesque panorama of Ubud Monkey Forest and get some awesome photographic wonders clicked in your camera. With its harmonious and lush ecosystem, this forest can imbibe a strong connection with nature in your heart.

  1. Jatiluwih Rice Terraces

A perfect gateway for that photographer in you, Jatiluwih Rice Terraces are a must-visit. The place has also been nominated as a UNESCO World Heritage site for its incredible and timeless view contoured rice terraces.

  1. Goa Gajah

Another architectural marvel of Bali, Goa Gajah is an ancient shrine dating back to 11th century. This enthralling elephant shaped cave temple is situated at a sacred place where two streams of Petanu River meet. Here, you can also get a serene and peaceful experience at the hermetic meditation centers.

  1. Ubud Art Market

Remember the Hollywood movie Eat Pray Love Step starring Julia Roberts? Well, you will be enthralled to know that Ubud Art Market served as the setting for that. Now, it’s your time to step into the market and get a wide range of beautiful things to take back home!

Now that you got the news and the list, it’s time for you to start your preparation for the musical voyage. And before booking the concerts tickets, don’t forget the Emirates airlines ticket booking online. Selamat Jalan or you can say Happy Travelling!