Top US Cities to Visit This Year

I love traveling around the US, there is simply so much to do in this huge nation that it can be difficult to decide which city you will visit. I have to be honest, when traveling around the World I like to head off the beaten track a little bit, try to find things that I wouldn’t be able to see on TripAdvisor, but when I’m traveling the US, I like to go to the big boys, the famous and iconic cities that give this country its standing in the World. If you’re heading to the US this year then here are my top cities that I think you should visit.


Las Vegas

For such a tiny place it is unbelievable how much is packed into Las Vegas, famed the World over for its casinos and gambling culture this is a city that you really have to see. Everything feels huge in Vegas from the multi-million dollar hotels with replicas of the Statue of Liberty and the Eiffel Tower to the 24 hour bustling casinos. Nothing ever stops in Vegas, you can go for a walk and a drink at 4am like it was 4 in the afternoon, the shows here are fantastic as well, magicians, comedians, singers and everything in between.

New York

New York is brilliant, I can’t get enough of it, iconic landmarks like the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty and Madison Square Garden, World-famous shops like Macy’s and Bloomingdales, Broadway, the yellow cabs, the accent, the subway, I love it all. New York is perfect for a city break, 2 or 3 nights isn’t enough to see everything here but it will be sufficient to see enough that you will fall in love with the city and return with haste.

San Francisco

San Francisco is a super chilled out city, I almost forget that I’m in a city at all when I’m there, lots of green space and wooded areas set inside one of the biggest cities in the U.S. a perfect combination. I used a San Francisco car rental service when I was last there, just to make getting around that little bit easier as much of the attractions are spread out. When it comes to things to do there are plenty of museums, city tours, cycle routes, theme parks and places to relax, the city has it all.


Orlando isn’t just for kids, it is perfect for all ages, I love the theme parks here and I love to visit Disneyland, sometimes without the kids. Universal Studios is a must visit when you head to Orlando, a brilliant film-based theme park that constantly changes to stay topical. Sea World, Harry Potter world, Epcot, this is the greatest city on Earth for those looking for fun and I try to travel there at least once a year. There is more to the city than just theme parks but for me, there is only one reason that I go to Orlando.