Top Apps for Adventurous Travellers

Are you looking for adventures? The best way to find them is by travelling across the world! But with the latest technologies available these days, many apps now facilitate things for you while you are travelling or planning a trip. While there are many to choose from, find some of the best apps you can download for your next trip below.


Don’t want to be lost in an unknown country? Use CityMapper! Find your way easily in a large city with this app. It does not only provide you with a digital map but also includes transit ones with information about real-time departure and disruption alerts. It also gives useful directions if you are walking or biking.

Travelling by train? This app even suggests which is the best train you can take! With this useful app, get more information about which station exits to take when you arrive at your destination. You must be wondering if all these services are costly? Rest assured that the CityMapper app is free and you can install it on any Apple or Android device.


Feeling adventurous? Try the Luckytrip app! Planning a great trip can sometimes be difficult. Instead, let the app plan it for you. Simply set a budget and let it book a flight that you can afford. It can even decide the best destination you can go to and the places where you can stay. That’s not all! It also provides you with information about the fun activities you can enjoy in more than 300 cities.

This very useful app is your best companion if you are setting out for an adventurous trip. While it is a free application, it is available only on Apple devices. Try one of the best iPhone casino apps as well, the Vegas Spins app, which allows you to play different online games during your trip at using your mobile phone.


Wondering how the weather will be during your adventure? Check out AccuWeather! It is one of the best weather apps, supporting more than 100 languages. It provides you with real time weather forecasts which are also localised. With its MinuteCast® feature, get rain, storm, snow and ice forecasts for the next 2 hours according to your exact location.

It also has an interesting feature called RealFeel Temperature®. It is an original weather widget which not only displays temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit, but also provides information about how hot or cold it is outside. With its radar maps, real time weather alerts and hurricane tracker, easily plan your trip with precision.


Most business travellers will find TravelBank useful as it helps their employers create an exact budget for their trip based on current travel costs. However, it does not mean that this app cannot be used by adventurous travellers! You can also use it to book your flight and hotel, while keeping track of your expenses.

The TravelBank app combines all budgets together, allowing you to pick nicer hotels and restaurants or decide to take subways instead of cabs. At the end of your trip, you can file an expense report. This app is also free and is available on both Android and Apple devices. It is the perfect choice if you want to have a better control on your travel expenses.


Is it always a pain to pack for a trip? Make use of PackPoint! While it is hard work to create a checklist for your packing, it is best to let this useful app do it for you. Simply input your destination and travel dates. Let the app create a packing list according to the weather at your destination. So, you will know whether you need coats, raincoats or summer clothes!

PackPoint also prompts you with questions about the activities you are planning and based on your answers, it suggests the type of clothes or items you will need. These automatic suggestions are not perfect; however, you can add or remove items to customise your list. Make the most of this free app during your trip on both Apple and Android devices.

So, if you are an adventurous traveller, make use of all that technology has to offer to better plan your trip. With these useful travel apps, avoid unnecessary hassles while you explore and discover new landscapes!