The World’s Best Stop-Over Cities For Business Travellers

Business Travellers

As fellow International business travelers will know, traversing the globe for business meetings is often done on the time of others, dictated by meetings and others schedules. Very often, if you are trying to keep costs down on your flights to fit in with such times then you may end up with long lay-overs in a multitude of cities, some are perfect for a stop over, a chance to see a new city and explore if you have enough time, some however, offer little in the short time that you have there, here we take a look at some of the best cities if you have a stop-over on your business trip.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the best gateways to Asia and Australia or to Europe if you are heading in the other direction. A vibrant city that is packed with variety and an altogether different culture. Hong Kong has long been a hub for business travel and it has a plethora of hotels and easy transport to and from the airport.


Another gateway to Asia and also the Middle-East is Dubai, this ostentatious city is close to the airport and if you have a layover in Dubai you should do all that you can to see the city. From the World’s largest building to an archipelago shaped like the World and an underwater hotel, Dubai really does have it all, a perfect layover city.


The airport in Amsterdam is one of the best hub destinations in Europe, flights from Amsterdam head to every corner of the World and if you are heading to Europe then this is a fantastic gateway city. The city offers something for everyone, tranquil canals, relaxing cafes and bars and interesting museums. Ignore the seedy reputation that this city has, whilst that side of things exist you shouldn’t assume that the whole city is like that, it’s a great business hub. The airport is around 40 minutes from the city centre so bear that in mind when traveling here.


New York is a great stopover city, flights to NY from Europe and Asia are far cheaper than to other US cities and from New York you can pick up reasonably priced flights to the rest of the United States. As a city, where do we start? The home of US business, a city that truly never sleeps and a city with a huge blend of cultures from around the World. There is something in NYC to suit all budgets if you are trying to look after your money and of course, the tourist attractions here are famous the World over.


For business travelers heading from the United States to Europe, Reykjavik is one of the best stopover destinations. Firstly, the flights from the US to the Icelandic capital have decreased dramatically in recent years and secondly, the city is beautiful. The city is drenched in Icelandic history and ¬†it’s centre is incredibly compact meaning that you have all you need in close proximity. The surrounding area of the city has beautiful, snow-capped mountains and a night here is the perfect way to unwind before or after your business meeting.