The Etiquette to Consider When You Hire a Limousine


Limousines are luxurious vehicles that can make any type of occasion special. Whether it is a business meeting or a bachelorette party, using the best limo service Los Angeles has to offer will ensure it is stylish and luxurious. That is their responsibility and commitment to you, after all. But what about yours to them? What is the etiquette that you should stick to?

Being Respectful

The limo driver is not your slave or servant, they are a service provider. You must treat them with the respect they deserve for that. Similarly, you have to treat the vehicle itself with respect as well. Efforts are being made to keep you, and subsequent guests, comfortable and in style, and you have to treat that accordingly.

Not Overloading

Every vehicle has a seating capacity, and you need to stick to that. Naturally, you can bring fewer people than the seating capacity, but never more. This capacity is set not to stop you from socializing or having fun, but because of safety. You are traveling in a moving vehicle, and safety is very important. If your driver says that you have exceeded the seating capacity, you should not argue with them about it. The exception is if you ordered a certain capacity and that wasn’t delivered, of course.

Following the Laws

There are many local laws that you have to respect. Often, people hire limos to take them to and from airports, which means they are not in their own geographical location. If this is the case with you, you should look up the local laws, so that you can ensure that you don’t break them. Take, for instance, the fact that, in Denver, it is against the law on Sundays to drive in black cars. Silly though that may be, it is the law.

Thinking about Your Personal Belongings

A limo company can take no responsibility for loss or damage to personal property, within reason. Hence, you are responsible for them instead, and you should act accordingly. Similarly, if your items are stolen, then the limo company is not responsible for this.


Tipping is always a complex issue. Sometimes, a service charge is already included in your quote, which means you definitely don’t have to pay your driver. In some cases, it can even be seen as impolite to give a tip. Yet, if there is no service charge included, then it is customary to tip the driver 15% to 20% of your booking price.

With these hints and tips, you will get the most out of your limo rental experience. When you follow the necessary etiquette, the entire experience will be calm and pleasant, and you will really be able to enjoy the fact that you are actually being chauffeured around in a really luxurious vehicle. Once upon a time, something like that would only be possible for the rich and famous, but it is now far more affordable across the board.