Places to visit this Spring 2018

For travellers seeking pleasant weather, small crowds and affordable prices, spring is the ideal time of the year to travel. During the spring, various destinations are at their best when temperatures are warm, blooming flowers set parks and gardens ablaze with colour, and lively seasonal festivals are going on. Planning to go on a vacation? The best place to visit during the spring season 2018 have been lined up- make your choice and pack your bags!

Santorini, Greece

People who plan a spring outing to the famous Greek Islands can avoid the summer crowds while still loving pleasant weather. Practically all of the Greek Islands are spectacular in spring, but Santorini, which is well-known for its whitewashed buildings and cliff-top views, is particularly stunning. It’s a must-see place.

Yosemite National Park

Throughout months like April, May and June, you will be able to see spot herds of bighorn sheep, fish for rainbow trout or fields of blooming flowers while enjoying cool evenings in Yosemite National Park. Plus, if you love waterfalls, spring is the best season to visit Yosemite. The rivers and park’s creeks start flowing with water as soon as spring’s warm weather melts the winter snow.

Channel Islands

The Channel Islands, situated off the French shoreline of Normandy, attract visitors with their sweeping island vistas and quaint English cottages. During the springtime, you can drive to the island of Sark, for its yearly Wild Flower Fortnight. It’s normally a festival that starts from late April through early May. This festival is run to celebrate the blanket of vivid flowers that covers the island during this period of the year.

Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park, Japan

Fuji-Hakone-Izu is undoubtedly the most visited national park in Japan. It’s home to Japan’s historic Mount Fuji, as well as deep lakes, volcanic islands, hot springs and waterfalls. Spring is cherry blossom season in the great Japan, so it’s an excellent time for you to visit the park. Every March, plum trees across the country start to bloom, and you can peer at the grand cone of Mount Fuji through pale-lavender in the park.


Many of you have seen images of those flower fields in the Dutch countryside, however a real-life look at the huge fields is an astonishing and unforgettable experience. If you are thinking about going there during spring, you should surely visit the Keukenhof Gardens. It is open from March to May. It is equally the best place to see more than five million tulips in full, rich splendour. Normally, April is the perfect month to visit Netherlands if you really fancy blooming daffodils. But for the spectacular views of the tulip fields at their peak, you should visit in May.

These unique places are best to visit during the Spring season. Many travellers usually book their flight early, to make sure that they can really enjoy spring to the fullest in these countries. However, before visiting these places, you can have a foretaste of how your journey is likely going to be.

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