Enjoying the United Kingdom on a students budget

So, you’ve just accepted an offer to study abroad in the U.K. As exciting as this is, it doesn’t compare to the thrill of discovering a country for the first time.

Yes, this part of the world can be expensive, but if you play your cards right, you will be able to explore it on your time off without accidentally spending money you need for groceries and rent.

Below, we’ll go over a few tips that will help you enjoy the United Kingdom on a student’s budget.

Book your tickets early

The often-used adage, ‘the early bird gets the worm’, certainly applies when it comes to booking tickets in the United Kingdom.

Waiting until the last minute can mean paying over £100 for a journey that could have only cost you £9. To achieve the latter outcome, you need to be on the outlook for fare sales that go on weeks before your planned day of departure.

While this takes the spontaneity out of things, those trying to save money on travel often need to resort to asymmetric tactics, so bite the bullet and get organized: your wallet will thank you.

Stay in hostels

As nice as hotels can be, their cost can be atrociously high, especially in Central London. You’ll be hard pressed to find anything decent for less than £100, and even if you luck out, you’ll still be torching your meager savings before you’ve even gotten around to eating or enjoying a night out at the pub.

Hostels are not the sketchy place that horror movies make them out to be. Yes, privacy is often at a premium in this type of accommodation, but the best ones often have curtains that cordon off your bunk. If you are traveling as a couple, a private room often does not cost much more than a dorm bed does.

With beds starting at £15 in the London area, you’ll be able to see this city and other tourist spots across the UK without spending all your money before you have even gotten to the fun stuff.

Take advantage of free admission days

After spending more than £15 for meals and blowing more than £50 at the bar the night before, you’ll likely be thinking that the attractions here will inflict a similar toll on your bank account.

Not so.

In fact, the British Museum, one of the most significant institutions of its kind in the world, charges no admission fee.

There are eight other institutions that do the same, like the British Library and the Natural History Museum, so take the opportunity to learn about one of the most important nations in the world at no monetary cost to you.