A Safe Home away from Home: 10 Tips for when You and the Family Travel

You’re finally doing it.

You and the family have decided to take that big, summer vacation.

There’s just one more set of things to do: secure the home.

10 Smart Tips for Securing a Home while on Vacation

The last thing you want to come home to is a place trashed and items missing.

The chances of this happening are slim but you can never be too cautious.

Plus, it’ll give you an incentive – while going through your safety list – to put things on hold so you’re not burning through funds that could be spent while out and about.

Here are ten things you should do:

Don’t Broadcast It

Don’t make a big deal about it on social media and share it with everyone especially if your profile isn’t set to private. Thieves are on these platforms, looking at status updates, and using these mentions to create a plan of attack.

Keep Up with Lawn Care

Continue to pay for lawn care and landscaping services while you’re away to give an appearance you’re still around. Else, hire someone to come through once or twice a month for this task. You could also ask them to keep an eye out or report suspicious activities when they’re in the area.

Shut Down the Services

There aren’t many reasons why you’d keep your entertainment services running. If you have one of the DirectTV packages you could call and have them set the account to a hiatus or bring the box along with you and the family. These extra savings can fund the purchase of safety/security items while you’re gone.

This would also include mail and newspapers since these will give signs you’re not around as they continue to build up.

Give a Key to a Trusted Friend

Don’t set an extra key under the mat or hidden in the bushes. Give a spare key to a trusted friend so they can swing by regularly.

Look: A burglar is going to break in if they’re persistent but having someone over and making it look like someone’s inside will at least take you off their list.

Use Electronic Timers

Burglars are already onto this trick but it’s still helpful nonetheless.

Lights (especially outdoors) on regular timers can deter these bad-types since they no longer have the cover of darkness.

Get Home Security (with Online Access)

Pick up a home security system that records to cloud DVR and where you can access live feeds through your smartphone, desktop, or tablet. This will let you keep an eye on the place and get peace of mind.

Hire a House Sitter

Hiring these individuals don’t cost a whole lot because they’re usually just lounging around the place.

You could pay extra for them to do normal chores and activities like cutting the grass which would mitigate the additional cost of keeping the lawn people active.

Plus, they’d be there if anything goes wrong like a burst pipe or electrical problems.

Do a Double Check

Create and print a list detailing each of the entry points of your home then do a first and secondary walk through with your family to ensure these are locked down.

This includes the garage door which is rather easy to jimmy open and get in through the inside door.

Set Stuff Back (and Hidden)

Don’t flaunt your stuff.

Don’t completely close the blinds (because this will give them a sign) but also don’t leave everything sitting next to the windows. Basically: make the place look boring.

Document & Understand Insurance

In the event something happens you’ll be thankful for two things:

  • Taking photos (and videos) of everything in the home
  • Knowing what’s covered by your home owner’s insurance

These may not fix everything but it’s sure better than being left high and dry.

What are your tips for keeping your home secure while on vacation?