8 Ways To Save Money During Business Travel

Business travel

Business travel is often essential to meet prospective clients and partners in order to promote your business and hopeful make more money. For many smaller companies business travel can be tricky as it is an expense that they could really do without. This being said, it can often feel more like an investment into the future as if all goes well your business can grow. If you are required to travel for your business then here are some tips to keep costs down.

Public Transport

Consider using public transport where possible instead of your own car, whilst this may restrict flexibility it can also keep costs down. Gas or car rental costs can add dollars to your trip that you can do without so search for bus and train options.

Hotel Discount

If you make the same travel multiple times then look at using the same hotel and trying to negotiate a discount with them based on future business that you will be putting their way. Many hotels are open to this, especially if you are a regular client.

Early Flight Booking

If flying is a must then look to book your flights as early as possible to get the cheapest seats. Also consider using some of the so-called budget airlines. Your business class travel may come in the future but right now it is about keeping costs to a minimum as you grow your business.

Carry-On Only

When you fly, many airlines charge extra for placing your luggage in the hold, something that can save you money is just taking carry-on luggage. You;d be surprised at how much luggage you can take on the plane itself and there plenty of size guides online so that you can check before you fly.

Hotel Breakfasts

Food is a necessary cost but you don’t need to blow the budget on this when you are away. Take advantage of the hotel breakfast which is complimentary in the large majority of hotels, there is usually plenty of selection and if it is buffet style then you should load up in the morning for the rest of the day.

Super Market Meals

Instead of eating out at restaurants and cafes, look at the deli section of super markets where they often have reasonably priced and ready-to-eat meals that you can buy. Salads, sandwiches and other cold platters are usually available and buying these to take to your hotel room will save you some vital dollars.

Check for Coupons

Keep your eyes peeled on sites like Groupon for coupons that exist in your destination. Coupons can provide services and food for a fraction of their price and taking advantage of them could save you lots of cash. Make sure you check these sites for a week or two before your trip to make sure that you see everything available.

Keep it Deductible

The IRS only deem business travel as deductible from your tax return, you can add personal trips to your journey but make sure that when you file, that you indicate the business travel was the main purpose of your trip.