The United Arab Emirates (UAE) enjoys plenty of privileges which are being enjoyed by both its local and foreign residents and communities. Comprising of multi-national individuals leading their own peaceful and respectful lifestyles, it is understandable why the influx of expats coming into the country soils have been increasing for the past few years. In addition, with increasing numbers of skillsets and talent pool joining the domestic economy, the UAE’s economic development continues to experience exponential growth especially in its tourism and real estate industries. With that said, it is mostly contributed by the pulling power of Dubai, one of the UAE’s prime city locations, that has led to the country to achieve such positive outcomes.  Here are the 6 advantages that you will be enjoying by staying in Dubai:

1) Safe and peaceful country

The UAE has been a prominent member of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) since 1976. Up until today, the country has been experiencing peace and calm from the raging wars and conflicts surrounding their other Middle-Eastern neighbours. With the introduction of newer government policies to promote more foreign economic interactions and investments, the state of peace and quiet in Dubai will only help you more in the coming future. If you are looking for a good place to start with, the Arabian Ranches by Emaar would be a wondrous place for you to consider.

2) Socially globalized

Living in Dubai, you are bound to be introduced to various nationalities and religious lifestyles of its mix populace. You will be capable of understanding new cultures, learn unique life practices and even create bonds which help you expand your general understanding of the world. Notwithstanding that, having a known affiliate from another country enables you to understand other countries better prior to having a vacation or opening new business opportunities.

3) Cheaper cost of living

The Arab Emirates Dirham (AED) is the currency used in Dubai. Locking the currency against the United States Dollar (USD), you will see a significant difference pertaining to the monetary value that the AED offers. Here in Dubai, since most of the commodities and living expenses here are much cheaper, you are essentially gaining triple the value by having the same amount of money in any of the European and American states! In addition, tax-free practices are also regularly practiced in the city. This leads to so many potential cost-saving alternatives for you to enjoy and utilize for other essential use.

4) Career and business opportunities

Dubai has been experiencing big advancements for its local markets and industries, in conjunction to the UAE’s continuous economic growth. With the country’s efforts of improving its economic sectors of oil, trading and professional services provided for its local community, numerous job openings and career prospects have been created to help accommodate the ever-growing needs of the populace. Furthermore, the booming industries in these lands help promote more potential business ventures and investments to be explored.

5) Travelling and vacations

Dubai is a relatively small city, albeit its ever-expanding business and marketable industries. Nevertheless, this ensures that you are conveniently placed close to its local airport services. If you are planning to go on a vacation around the other neighbouring countries, a short trip to the airport usually equates to a 20-minute drive from your doorstep. Furthermore, Dubai is also home to a plethora of record-breaking world attractions such as the Burj Khalifa, for you to explore and visit. Within the next few years, a new variety of tourist sites will also be available starting with the development of Ain Dubai as well as the Dubai Holding  Downtown Jumeirah. Consider Emaar Dubai Creek Harbour as your ideal residential spot to enjoy all these in front of your own doorstep!

6) International cultural festivities

Home to vast arrays of nationalities and religions, Dubai is a city known for its openness in celebrating all faiths under its one community. Becoming a citizen of Dubai, you will be looking to celebrate monthly festivities pertaining to all cultural practices of the local people. From Eid Ul Adha to the winter Christmas celebrations, there will always be something to celebrate here in Dubai!

Leading a prosperous and happy life in Dubai is no longer a pipe dream. Whether you are enjoying a quiet life alone or are looking to build a large family, residential communities such as Emaar’s Dubai Creek Harbour will always be available to accommodate your residential needs here in Dubai.