Visiting Or Staying In? Hospital Information Gets Easier


Whether you have been in the hospital yourself or you have only ever really visited someone who had to be kept in, one thing is for certain – hospitals are not exactly a fun filled or enjoyable environment. Read ahead for some more information about how you can find answers as well as provide them to people just like you to either make your next stay in hospital more seamless and enjoyable, or to help your visiting family and friends have an easier time coming to see you.

In Hospital

If you have ever stayed the night in hospital – or more! – you know just how inconvenient, boring, upsetting and uncomfortable it can be. Having visitors come see you while you’re cooped up in a hospital bed can be one of the highlights of your day, turning another boring day on the ward into something at least slightly enjoyable. If you yourself have stayed in hospital, you will know what it’s like to be stuck in a bed for hours a day with bad TV and even worse food on offer, so you know what patients want and what works. #HospitalHelpingHand by Slater and Gordon is a great place where you can add your own suggestions of things that help patients bear the brunt of being in the hospital a little better, so you can help those who maybe have never gone in to know what to expect, what to pack and what to ask for from visitors while they’re inside.


It can be easy to overstep boundaries or to bring in certain things that don’t have a place in hospitals – like in many cases flowers are not allowed nowadays due to allergen risks. Add to this the fact that many hospitals and even the wards themselves have their own rules about what is and isn’t allowed to come in and you have a recipe for confusion and frustration. If you have someone who has to visit the hospital multiple times as well they may be put in different wards every time which can add to the overall confusion about what you can and can’t bring in as well as visiting hours and the like. Useful resources like #HospitalHelpingHand by Slater and Gordon can be incredibly good for helping you find details about hospitals including what you can and can’t bring as well as visiting hours and more. With Slater and Gordon providing helpful details regarding law and possible patient claims in the event of injuries that resulted in the hospital visit, the tips they gather with their #HospitalHelpingHand project means that you can have information all in one handy place.

So if you’re in need of some hospital tips and information, there you have some great suggestions on where to get it. If you yourself have some experience in either being in or visiting people in the hospital as well, #HospitalHelpingHands could use your help too. It’s always a great reason to help people out who may need information that you have and they don’t.