The Profound Ways That Videoconferencing Is Changing The Way We Do Business


Videoconferencing is nothing new, it has been used by the largest companies and enterprises for years as people seek out face to face connections with clients and partners. What has changed during this time is that videoconferencing is no longer something that is restricted to boardrooms, with members surround a large projector to speak with their counterparts. These days, the emergence of modern technology has redefined both how we use video conferencing and what it can do to our business. Here we take a look at that change and what it means for companies Worldwide.


On the Move

The capabilities of devices such as smartphones, laptops and tablets added to the huge range of mobile data coverage that the World now boasts means that no longer is videoconferencing something static. We can now connect with clients from any corner of the globe, at any time of the day regardless of what they happen to be doing. They could be on a train, on the golf course or in their office and your counterpart will be reachable for a videoconference.


As a result of the easier accessibility of videoconferencing and the flexibility of times and locations, speed has been added to the decision making process, vital in the world of business. This speed allows meetings to be had with ease and decisions to be made faster, resulting in products being brought to market quicker, presentations made with ease to new clients and ultimately more business being done at greater speed.

Cost Saving

Phone calls are all well and good but it is estimated that 80% of our decision making is based upon non-verbal communication, face-to-face meetings are vital. The changing face of videoconferencing saves businesses the costs and time involved with business travel. This not only saves money on traveling expenses but also aids productivity. There will be times when travel is essential to perhaps close a deal or to add a personal touch but with the help of videoconferencing, these moments are few and far between.

Minimize Stress

Even meetings in nearby locations can be stressful if they are taking place in a busy city, traffic and congestion can cause real headaches and that’s before you begin the meeting. Two offices in Manhattan recently installed video conferencing equipment to speak with each other despite being only 1 mile apart. This smart idea saves the company a great deal of time, allows their employees to work more and reduces the stress on the employees who need to travel through a chaotic Manhattan for a meeting.

Videoconferencing is the current and future face of doing business and it is no longer large companies who use it in high-powered business meetings. The emergence of technology gives smaller businesses the opportunity to have face-to-face meetings with clients and partners with ease which leads to more business and ultimately more profits, without having to spend time and money that they don’t have, going to meetings.