Technological Advancements For The Office Of The Future


When it comes to working in an office machine learning and technological advances can be both a huge help and a hindrance. Some advances help in a myriad of ways – from accounting to file keeping, administration and customer service. Over the last thirty to forty years we’ve seen some truly unique and groundbreaking advances in terms of office technology. Gone are the days of paper files in many companies, with a huge push on ‘being green’ meaning electronic file keeping becoming the norm. But what other advancements might we see, especially before the not-so-distant-future of 2069? Here are a couple of ideas that we could see, some of which are being developed now.

AI Around The Office

Many people believe that the advancement of artificial intelligence is a key component to developing a forward-thinking, office of tomorrow. Already some offices are trialling the use of AI in things like administration and front desk work in hotels, dentists offices and the like, in combination with customers or clients engaging with the AI to check in, access their own personal files and so forth. AI can be hugely helpful in doing what some consider to be ‘mundane’ tasks, helping to either free up human employees to do more demanding and complicated jobs, or eliminating the need for some roles to be covered by human employees, which would in turn save the company money in salaries. However AI is destined to help in the office continues to remain to be seen in the big picture, but with developments already underway, we can expect to see this well before 2069.


Many companies and offices are starting to worry about the concept of security in terms of business, and the use of biometrics to ensure the correct people access buildings, files, computer systems and the like are already in use in some offices around the world. Biometrics are the use of retina scans and fingerprints to identify an employee, granting access or restricting access as necessary. Biometrics could become a reality in offices around the world due to heightened security procedures that will likely become a reality before 2069 due to advancements in computer hacking and knowledge that unsavoury characters can have in cracking codes and getting into places they shouldn’t., a leading HR and Health & Safety specialist company, can provide top of the line HR services to companies as technology progresses, helping you hire only the best across the board.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Augmented (AR) and virtual (VR) realities are already being developed and trialled in some offices with impressive results in a number of ways. Many are using them now for more realistic team meetings between team members across the world. Augmented reality is where a virtual world is ‘placed over’ our existing world, as with – for example – Google Glass. Virtual reality is where a whole new world is created in a digital way where people can interact and conduct business as they normally would. While both AR and VR are still in development, we can definitely expect to see more of this coming out in offices as we get closer to 2069.

So whether you work in an office now or you want to one day, one thing is for certain – the advancements we’re already seeing means that the office of 2069 is set up to be something truly amazing.