How To Stay In Touch With Your Family As A Business Travelling Dad

If you are a Dad and you ahem to travel a lot then you will know just how much strain this can put on you, missing important moments in your child’s lives and not being around is difficult for both of you. So much time away from the kids can actually affect your business performance and will make you feel hugely under pressure from both your job and your family. There is little worse than hearing that your child has done something great and you’re not there to see it, or that they tell you how much they miss you when you’re not there.

Getting in touch with your family when you are away used to be tough, especially if you were abroad as call costs could be astronomical. Thanks to the digital age however, it has never been easier to stay in touch with those back home and here are just a few ways in which technology can lend you a hand.


Prepaid Services

There are some great prepaid services which allow you to contact home for great prices from many locations in the World, companies like EnjoyPrepaid are now very well established and have been helping people stay in touch for years. In fact you can get an EnjoyPrepaid trial to see for yourself just how simple to use the kind of services are.


Skype has lead the way for some years in the video calling industry and is one of the best ways of staying in touch with your family when you are abroad. Hearing your family’s voices is one thing but being able to see them on your screen can really help you to feel like you are there with them. Skype also offers calling options without video and it is a service that is free and easy to use.

Other Video Devices

With just an internet connection you have access to lots of other video calling services, Facebook and WhatsApp now offer video calling as a service and although they may not be as high quality as Skype, they still give you a great opportunity to see your family. If you own any Apple products then you could look to FaceTime, Apple’s very own video calling service which also offers video and audio-only calls over wi-fi.


You may not be able to stay in direct communication through this method but regular vlogging can help your family to stay closer to you. If you can’t get in touch with your family for internet or time zone reasons then you could simply upload a video and talk about how your day was and then send it to your family. This will help them to stay up to date on what is happening with you meaning that they won’t miss a thing.

Theses are just some of the ways in which you could keep in touch with your family, you could even go old-school and write letters to your family, this is an incredibly personal touch and they can keep the letters for the future to remind them about your trip.