Recording Streaming Videos Using Movavi Screen Recorder

Sometimes you may want to record streaming videos so that you don’t have to constantly re-stream them every time that you watch them. Similarly you may want to do so for video streams that are being broadcast live – so that you don’t miss them and can watch them later on.

The bottom line is that by recording streaming videos you’ll be able to save a wide range of content, and watch it whenever you feel is convenient. More to the point it really isn’t all that difficult, especially not if you use Movavi Screen Recorder.

Essentially Movavi Screen Recorder is a simple and lightweight software that will make it easy to learn how to capture streaming video. In fact even if it is your first time using it you should be able to set it up in a couple of minutes.

To get underway, open up the streaming video that you want to record and launch Movavi Screen Recorder. Next draw a frame over the streaming video using your mouse cursor and try to make sure that it is as precise as possible. If you’re not satisfied with the frame, resize and reposition it until you are.

In Movavi Screen Recorder’s interface you should see a ‘System Audio’ icon that is highlighted in green, and you can click on it once if it isn’t. On the other hand the ‘Microphone’ icon shouldn’t be highlighted at all.

If you want to automate the recording Movavi Screen Recorder will let you set a timer or schedule it by clicking on the ‘alarm clock’ icon. Otherwise you can click ‘REC’ to begin recording and play the streaming video when you do, then use the controls in the interface to manually stop it when you’re done.

After you stop recording, Movavi Screen Recorder will save the video immediately in MKV format while also displaying it in a preview window. In this window you can trim out any footage that you don’t want, and can then click ‘Save As’ to save any changes – or even just to save it in a different format.

Although that is all you need to know to record streaming videos, it is worth noting that there are many other recording parameters you can adjust in Movavi Screen Recorder. In particular you can alter the frame rate, set it to record keyboard and mouse actions, adjust the sound levels, and more.

Now that you can see for yourself how easy it is to record streaming videos using Movavi Screen Recorder, be sure to give it a try. Just pick a streaming video to record, and you’ll be able to see for yourself how quickly it can be set up.