How Technology Has Improved Our Daily Lives

Technology is infiltrating nearly every aspect of our lives, and as its influence grows, it makes our lives easier in many ways. We can now be in contact with each other more and access critical information when we need it. Technology has also freed up our time from tedious tasks that can be better handled by automation. Additionally, technology has increased home security, made it easier to keep track of our finances, and improved our health. Let’s take a look at how it does these three things.

1. Home Security

If you happen to live in Oklahoma City, you can instantly improve your home security by getting ADT OKC home monitoring systems. The same is true for families living in cities across the world. In fact, families can be halfway across the world from home and still have the ability to monitor what’s happening in their living rooms.

Here is why your home is far more secure than you would have thought possible:

  1. You can now monitor your home remotely.Using your smartphone, you can access videos and photographs of your home at the press of a few buttons. You could be hundreds of miles away, enjoying a beach vacation, and still check in on your home in seconds.
  2. You can now remotely lock your doors. Using either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi technology, you can lock your doors from a distant location. Let’s suppose, the babysitter is at the door, coming in to look after your kids. You can unlock the door once you receive a text message at your office. Once the babysitter leaves, you can lock the door again.
  3. You can rely on home sensors to detect any suspicious activity. Installed on doors and windows and used as motion detectors, they can alert you on your smartphone. You can, then, use your smart cameras to decide if there is cause for concern. If, indeed, there is someone trying to break in, you can set the alarm and alert the authorities.
  4. You can watch every room in the house with smart cameras. Let’s suppose, you have to leave for a two-day business trip and must leave your teens alone. In the past, you could expect them to throw wild parties in your absence, despite promises that they would be well-behaved. Now, they dare not misbehave because they know that all you have to do is stream a live feed. Or, perhaps, a smart camera could be helpful if you have an elderly parent at home who is hearing impaired and can’t talk to you on the phone. You can check in on them routinely when you are at work.
  5. You can fully automate your home. If you want, you can automate every aspect of your house—locks, lights, and thermostats. In fact, you don’t even need to be at home to turn on the lights or warm up the room before you get home; you can do it all from your smartphone.

2. Finances

Money management used to be a tedious task. You needed to keep a checkbook, call your bank to get an overall balance, and use other manual methods to keep track of your money. Now, there are apps to help you do the following things:

  1. Set your budget for the week or month.
  2. Categorize all your fixed expenses, like rent and bills.
  3. Track all your ATM withdrawals.
  4. Use an expense tracker to know where all your variable income is going.

There are also apps that help you save money. All you have to do is install them in your browser, and whenever you’re doing online shopping, they will alert you if there is a coupon available or if the merchandise can be purchased elsewhere online at a lower cost.

3. Health & Fitness

The best way to stay healthy is to eat well, exercise enough, and get plenty of rest. Now, technology makes it easy to keep track of all these things. A wearable fitness device will allow you to enter each meal you have or each glass of water you drink to make sure that you don’t exceed your calorie count for your ideal weight and stay properly hydrated. It will also keep track of how much exercise you do each day and how much sleep you get every night.

There’s An App for That

Technology can make it easy for you to stay safe, to keep track of your finances better, and to improve your health and fitness.