How do I Track my Ride in 2021?

Once found only on state-of-the-art military equipment or highly expensive equipment, GPS tracking is now an affordable alternative for many individuals to monitor their vehicles.

But what are the current GPS trackers available for individual vehicle tracking?

Types of GPS Tracking

Technology has significantly advanced since the original development of the Global Positioning System back in 1973. Today, there are currently 31 GPS satellites in operation, with more than 76 launched in total since 1978. All of these satellites work in tandem to provide 24 hour support for individuals looking to implement GPS tracking in their everyday lives.

With this increased growth in technology, the opportunities for GPS tracking have also expanded. Which is highly beneficial for the cautious individual who wants to make sure their vehicle is safe at all times. Let’s take a look at three common tracking devices that can be utilised to track a car.

  1. GPS Tracking Device

GPS tracking devices are usually small, lightweight devices that can be easily installed inside or on specific objects to confirm their location. For vehicles, there are a range of both interior and exterior GPS tracking device options available allowing for the perfect one to fit with a specific car. Many of the newer models also provide a number of other benefits such as:

  • Geo-fencing: alerting the user if a car strays out of a specific area
  • Tampering: if a user tries to disconnect the device the owner is alerted
  • Immobilisation: halting the car if it is stolen
  1. Car GPS Tracker

With many newer high tech cars, GPS trackers are automatically installed within them. This means that easy access to their location can be determined by a quick call or a simple press of a button. The GPS trackers themselves are also almost possible to disable and due the fact they are in-built into the very design of the car are very difficult to remove. Due to their location it not only makes these devices highly accurate, but also very useful for law enforcement as they use energy from the car and in some occasions are even linked directly to emergency services through panic buttons.

  1. Mobile Device

While not the most optimal for tracking a vehicle, many times individuals leave mobile devices within their car. Many newer mobile devices already provide tracking software such as find my iphone (iPhone) or find my device (Android). Therefore if it is located in your vehicle and turned on it can provide location data for the user and police.

Security Features

As adhered to previously, most modern GPS tracking devices have many features that can increase the safety of your ride. For example, many tools feature live technical support, call integration, emergency contact information on display and remote locks and kill switches. They also feature speed, weather and maintenance alerts to make sure vehicle and road conditions risks are reduced.

Other features

Installing a GPS tracker to your vehicle can help you monitor real time and historical data of average and top speeds, past locations and travel routes taken. This information can be used to improve routes, reduce downtime and allow for easy access to driving history.

GPS tracking will help you get the most out of your vehicle, lowering its idle time and providing better use of your car.