Careers For Tech Enthusiasts

Source: Karolina Grabowska on Pixabay

Are you in the market for a new job for 2020? Maybe what you’ve been doing just isn’t really cutting it anymore. Finding a new job can be incredibly beneficial when you feel like you’ve fallen into a slump. Not only does it give you a new and renewed sense of purpose, helps you meet new people and develop new skills, but you can also move up the ladder so to speak in your industry, depending on the type of job you’re going after. If your particular industry is on the techy kind of side, you might be wondering what careers you should pursue as a tech enthusiast. Check out this short guide to awesome careers for those people who are more tech-minded, especially if you’re on the lookout for tech companies in San Francisco.

Enterprise Architect

An enterprise architect usually reports to one of the higher positions in the company – the chief information officer – and ensures that the business uses proper systems in order to achieve their goals. This means keeping an eye on cutting edge technologies and seeing how they can potentially work with the business to stay ahead of the curve and beat out their competitors. This is a key role that requires excellent communication skills and an ability to be able to effectively work with both upper management and tech developers.

Software Architect

Usually experts in their field, software architects are the people who help make important choices regarding the design of software platforms and tools. They also dictate coding practices and help develop and keep things moving from behind the scenes. Software architects often need to know how to create long term strategies and see the bigger picture on a short and long term scale to ensure the longevity of the business’ technology platforms. 

Cloud Engineer

Everyone knows what the cloud is, and a cloud engineer works specifically with this technology. Cloud technology, such as Google Drive, allows its users to save and share data from a decentralised system, known as the cloud. This means that a person or company can save their files and data in a place that won’t be affected by potential down times or crashes of computer systems or hardware. Cloud engineers work on creating cloud capabilities for a company, as well as maintaining the system and upgrading it as technology progresses.

Data Scientist

A Data Scientist is mostly what it says on the tin – a scientist that works with data. It might sound a bit broad, but these days companies rely heavily on analysing and looking at things like trends, engagement and use of specific applications by their customers in order to drive production of new, cutting edge technology. This is where a data scientist comes in. They compile this information and analyse it, helping companies to make decisions in the directions they want to go in terms of tech. A data scientist will likely spend a lot of time crunching numbers and looking at graphs, perfect for a numbers type of person.

So if you’re looking for a change in career, why not consider a job in tech? Hopefully this article will help you make a great new decision that will keep you happy for a number of years. Good luck!