Business, Home and Away – How Broadband Has Changed Our World For The Better


In our fast paced and highly connected world, it can be easy to lose sight of just how much we rely on the internet and mobile phones for our connectivity. Whether you’re using global connections through the world wide web to conduct business, keep in touch with friends, do research or just to browse around and shop, one thing is for certain – our world will never be the same again now that we have access to every nook and cranny via the internet. So what are some ways that we rely on the internet for our every day lives? Read ahead to see the top three ways we use it everyday and rely on it, without necessarily realising just how much we need it!


Without doubt, work and business is one of the most popular reasons to use internet and broadband. Keeping in touch with clients is made simple through the use of the world wide web, and with email and text messaging the preferred methods of contact these days, it’s easy to see why Talk Talk business mobile is a popular option for the businessman or woman on the go. Business mobiles make it simple to stay connected when you’re out and about, rushing to and from meetings or if you’re heading out to lunch but can’t miss that ever important call.


Internet in the home is so prominent these days, and for good reason. Many telephone and internet companies these days work the cable TV off the internet connection to provide higher quality, sharper pictures through fibre optic connections. Add to this that the internet is the go to place these days for sources of information for students doing research projects in high school and university and it’s easy to see why internet in the home is important. Gone are the days of photocopying pages out of the encyclopedia in the library in order to complete homework assignments and with the likes of Google at your fingertips in your home, the answers you’re looking for have never been closer.


Whether you’re heading abroad for business or pleasure, the internet is a constant even out in the wild world in some of the most unusual places. Regardless of whether you’re in a five star palatial hotel in central Paris or you’re in a small, rural village in South East Asia, the internet plays roles here too in terms of creating and maintaining connectivity of regions, countries and the entire world at large. Having an internet connection or even just a mobile abroad means that you can stay in contact with friends, family and colleagues back home to ensure that everyone keeps in touch and jobs that need to be done get completed.

So there you have three ways that broadband helps us stay connected throughout the world. You can use the hashtag #BroadbandAndMe to share how you use your broadband connection and see how different people use their internet connections to enhance their lives every day, in every way.