Why you will love vinyl longer than real wood flooring

For those of you who are new to the vinyl world you will have encountered talks of many benefits which you may never have associated with vinyl flooring. Luckily for you by the end of the article you’ll know all the details and you will this way you’ll be able to see why you’re going to love vinyl flooring for a lot longer than authentic woods, slates and stone.

Making the choice to switch to vinyl isn’t one that should be made lightly, but it is one that will last you a lot longer and here’s why…


If you like to see a complete array of options before you make a final decision, then you’re in luck. Shopping for vinyl will bring you an uncommon selection of materials such as wood, stone and slate. Colour options are not a problem, if you feel like you like a certain colour palette but you want to change one of the shades, vinyl gives you the freedom to bring together individual tile or plank colours for perfect harmony.

Showroom feel

The only debate within the topic of vinyl flooring is whether to opt for the click or glue-down installation method. Both are on par with how they will affect the over all look of your flooring once the fitting is complete. Some homeowners prefer the glue down method as they feel it offers more stability, however, the click down method offers just as much, if not more stability as the planks are custom sized to your space, so every corner or your room is loaded with the vinyl flooring you chose, which is locked down with a simple “click”.

Built in defence

The initial concern with vinyl flooring was that it would require more upkeep than other authentic flooring materials when in fact, it’s the complete opposite! Vinyl flooring requires next to no upkeep which saves your pennies over the year.

For maintain vinyl flooring you need a small selection of cleaning supplies (soft sweep, mop, bucket, floor wipes and simple cleaning solution) which can be used to tackle little or large stains and accidents, or just to simply spring clean your flooring during seasons where we experience bad weather.

Not forgetting that vinyl flooring also contains Safeguard technology which prevents moisture seeping into the cracks of your flooring and breakages from scratching or marking your flooring and ruining the over all appearance. This is one of the main reasons kitchen vinyl flooring is so popular with families and those who love to host social events for their family.

A lifetime of benefits

Whether you’ve brought a new property or you’re just revamping your existing property, vinyl flooring can bring your home up to standard and beyond.

Part of the vinyl flooring experience is gaining knowledge and guidance from experts and designers in the industry. Amtico bring your home continuous love for your flooring through luscious oak planks and smooth stone. Luvanto offers sophistication to busy family homes using plush dark oaks and smooth matte slate. Invictus bring style ad durability to large or small spaces and also incorporates border options which will work with any of their existing tiles and planks.

Your dream home is waiting for you and vinyl flooring can help you achieve it.