Why You Should Invest In Real Estate

I had always wanted to invest once I approached my later years and around 3 years ago, shortly after I made my final mortgage payment, I decided that it was the best time to get started. I worked hard for many years, I saved well throughout my career and after paying for my home and my children’s college education I wanted to see how well I could do at growing my wealth. I was unsure about what to invest in and then I met a chap named Radha Singh who convinced me that bricks and mortar were the way to go. I look his advice and 3 years on it proved to be a very sensible decision and I have recently purchased my fourth property. If you are like I was and a little unsure about where to invest, here is why I think real estate is the best choice.

Double Profits

With my real estate properties I decided that I would buy them with the idea of renting them out and that I would hang on a few years to see if the value of them rose sufficiently so that I could sell them for a profit. What this has meant is that I regularly see a steady cash flow coming into my bak account and thankfully the value of my properties has also risen as well. Investing in real estate gives you the chance to earn some money back without having the pressure to sell in order to make a profit.


I have regularly toyed with the idea of investing in stocks and shares and I have spent a lot of time learning about the various markets and how they are impacted. My experience so far tells me that the real estate market is a great deal more stable than that of the oil, energy or private sector markets and if you are looking for low-risk investment, real estate is most definitely the best choice. Recovery times on the real estate market is far better than on the stock exchange ad even if the market should take a downturn, it usually isn’t long before it bounces back.


Simply put, there is much more demand for houses than there is supply and this means that you will never be in a position where you are unable to rent or sell your property, providing the price is right. The shortage of houses is not being addressed in a  big way by the government and if you are smart in terms of what types of properties that you buy, you can almost guarantee that they will never sit empty and cause you a problem.

Investing such a large chunk of money into real estate can be a little scary but once you have your asset you soon realize that you made a smart choice and you can look forward to some healthy profits further on down the line.