Save Money On Shipping Car Parts

Auto parts get shipped all around the world, all of the time. Car auto parts come in all different shapes, sizes, and materials. Some may be tricky to pack while many are prohibited items in the courier lists.

Different couriers have different regulations and restrictions on the type of car parts they can ship. Some common rules apply like dangerous or restricted parts, or parts containing liquids cannot be shipped. For other things such as radiators, engines, fuel tanks, and gearboxes need a certificate to show that they have been purged of all fluids. Items that contain glass such as windscreens, wing mirrors and windows may not be covered by the carrier’s insurance policy and may require the shipper to pay certain surcharges.

When looking for the most affordable way to ship auto parts, many auto shop owners find that the shipping cost limits their ability to expand the business. Weight surcharges and oversized handling fees quickly add up when sending oversized parts such as mufflers,  radiators, or fenders. This would result in lower margins, less available inventory, and also limits the ability to move inventory from shop to shop.

Is your business looking to transport second-hand cars and parts? If you are a specialized car parts dealer or a car repair expert, you may find yourself needing to ship car parts across town or to different countries around the world. Car parts are often heavy and irregular in shape, thus making them susceptible to damage. This makes them all the more challenging to ship.  Do you know that you can send the auto parts cheaply, easily and safely, without any problems at all by using a reputable and reliable service provider?

In order to do that, you ought to check out Shiply, an online platform that will help find affordable auto parts delivery services with just a few clicks of your mouse. This service is free to use and is under no obligation. All you have to do is simply enter some very basic information about your delivery needs, the pickup and delivery location.  Once submitted, the auto part delivery services will send personalized quotes to your email and you can start to do the comparison.  Then choose a quote and start saving money.

Many transport providers on Shiply are operating on a backload basis which means that  they are looking for items to fill their vehicles on journeys they are already making. This ultimately means the quotes offered are up to 75% cheaper than usual.  This is also great for reducing unnecessary CO2 emissions as it ensures that less half-empty vehicles are on the road making the same journeys. So for cheap shipping options for car parts, hurry and check out Shiply today.