Let The Expense Tracker Be Your Finance Manager

Do you dread the coming of the year-end financial closing? I know many do especially those who are still working and need to submit their year’s earning to the income tax department. It is only two more months to the end of the year and many overwhelmed just thinking of sorting out their expenses and filing their income tax statement. Some are just thinking that they still have some time and will just push it aside till the last minute. For those early birds, they prefer to have more time to search for all the receipts, slowing sort them out and then get down to fill their income tax forms. They know their receipts are kept somewhere and need to search from where they have been kept. They have been telling themselves that they need to keep their receipts in a proper folder but somehow they have never get down to doing it. Sigh!

It has been said that old habits die hard. So if you are struggling year by year with your financial management, it is high time you get down to download and install a free expense tracker onto your mobile phone to help you do all the tracking of your expenses. Once you have familiarize yourself with how the money tracker app works, you would agree that it is the best thing you have installed onto your mobile phone! Your year-end filing or submission of your income tax will no longer be a scary one.

First, if your mobile phone is an iPhone, then you should go to iTunes to look for the app that is applicable to your phone. If this is your first time, then look for a simple itunes money organizer that you think will serve your purpose. Once you have started to use the app, you will know what you need and from then on, you can search for a more enhance money tracker app that is able to do more than the simple budget app. I am sure you would enjoy learning about what this app can do for you.

Okay, what if you are using an android phone? Then you will have go to Google play budget app to search the app that you think will help you organizer your expenditure and then download and install onto your android phone. This money tracker app will help you track your purchases, deposits and receipts by importing expenses. It can organize and itemize sending both for business and personal. It also is able to create customized folders and scan receipts via photo or email. These are some of its helpful features.