Key Considerations to Make Before Buying a Car


Two months ago I bought my very first car and I wanted to talk a little today about the experience that I had and some considerations which you need to make if you are planning on buying a car soon. I was initially a little worried about the car buying process, I don’t really know a great deal about cars or prices and thankfully with a little bit of help from the internet and from the guys down at American Federal Auto, I was able to get the car that I wanted at a great price. I spent a lot of time planning on what it was that I wanted and here are a few tips for you so that you can do the same. Make sure to keep you and your new care safe on the road by keeping up to date on safety terms and standards such as, what is a no zone.


Make sure that you have a budget in your mind before you start and be strong with this so that you do not go over it. Making a budget is about more than just how much money you have, it is about understanding that once you have bought the car you will need to pay for insurance, gas and tax, all of which will eat into your money. Most car sales people will always look to get you to spend more money and it is vital that once you have decided on your budget, that you stick to it.


The key component to decide on your new car is asking yourself what you want the car for as this will dictate your choice. If you have a family of four for example then a sports car with two seats and limited boot space will likely not be the smartest option. Equally, if you are only planning on doing small journeys and city driving, then you will need to find a car which is going to be economical and probably quite small so that it can be easily parked. Make sure that you understand what you will be using the car for before you start shopping about as it can be very easy to be swayed by an attractive car, that may not be practical.

New or Used

The thrill of buying a brand new car may be great but it is worth understanding the negatives as well as the benefits and re-selling is chief amongst them. When you drive the car away from the showroom it can depreciate in value by up to 30%, a worry amount should you want to sell the car in a couple of years. Buying used will be a cheaper option for you and if you are looking to just hold on to it for a couple of years then this could be the best option for you. It is difficult to predict how long you may want a car for but you should try and consider this as it can help you when it comes to deciding between buying a new or a used car.