Furry Friends and Finances: the Rewards of Pet Sitting with Rover.com

There are quite a few ways to make extra money these days, and pet sitting with Rover.com is one of our favorites. With no shortage of people who need help watching their sweet cats and dogs from time to time, whether it’s to cover vacations, a work day or a last-minute out-of-town getaway, Rover offers a wealth (pun intended) of opportunities to pad your bank account and hang out with some darling four-legged friends. We call that a win-win-win situation, and here’s why…

Animal lover without the time for your own? Hang out with other people’s pets!

Rover’s network connects you with nearby pet and dog owners. Plus, when you create your profile, you set your own preferences. Specify breeds and sizes you’re comfortable with, and block out days or weeks of the year you’re unavailable. Rover jobs mean you get a fix of canine or feline companionship without the full-time commitment pet ownership requires.

Exercise and exploration.

Since walking is a basic requirement of any gig involving dogs, you get a chance to get the blood flowing, too! From short jaunts to hikes to dog park romps, pet owners will greatly appreciate you taking the time to exercise their little love, and your health will thank you, too.

A padded bank account—for something you’re already good at.

Rover.com gigs help you harness skills you already have, namely, caring for sweet creatures. Whether you grew up with cats and dogs, currently have pets of your own, or simply want to get your dog and/or cat fix outside of famous Instagram accounts, Rover is a great way to share your love of pets and get paid for it.

Though your time during the gig will depend on the owner and their pet, caring for Rover pets also has built-in flexibility for fitting in with your existing schedule. Whether your charges stay with you, or you visit their home, this is the kind of job that still leaves you time to keep other commitments.

Need we say more? Our friends at Rover clearly have this dream gig thing down pat—so go get after the kind of side hustle that pays in both extra cash and cuddles.