Caring For Elderly Family During The Pandemic

The past year has truly rocked the world, and made life difficult for many. One group that took this disease especially harshly is the elderly. They are more susceptible to the virus, more isolated from the rest of society, and already have a harder time doing things in general. If you’re a care worker for the elderly, you’re probably already well aware of the pains of being old, and taking care of old people. What was already a hard job has turned into an unimaginably difficult era of extra precaution, isolation, panic, and hard work. Here are some tips and tricks for caring for the elderly during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Keep everything clean

We all know the rules that the pandemic has meant for everyone:

  • Maintain social distancing
  • Interact as little as possible
  • Mask up
  • Keep stuff clean, and stay sanitary
  • Quarantine those that are sick, or feeling ill

These are things that we’ve all heard, but they are of utmost importance when caring for the elderly. Not only should you incorporate those interactions into your entire routine, but you should take extra precautions for yourself and who you’re taking care of. After all, they probably don’t have anyone else to be in charge of their safety and cleanliness. 

Make sure they are comfortable, and introduce new technology 

The elderly have it especially rough being distanced, let alone the basic troubles of getting around. If you’ve wondered when the right time for grandma’s next purchase is, we can assure you: It’s right now. Whether your elderly person needs a new tablet to zoom family members on, a television to stay sane, or even an Age UK Mobility device. Now is the time to get them the crucial upgrades and comfort devices. In these unprecedented times, you want to make sure that those under your care feel extra nurtured and protected.

Plan things out 

We live in a time of sheer uncertainty, and planning can turn the uncertain into the certain. Be sure to have ideas and lists for every scenario. Figure out what you and your elder need, and then get to work. For example, plan meals for the next few months, and then stock up on everything now. You can even keep a daily routine to keep your elder eating, exercising, using their brain, getting social interaction, taking medicine, and sleeping. A lot of people lost the usual rhythm of their lives. By incorporating a daily routine and practicing self care, you can give yourself and your elder a sense of normalcy during this chaos. 

Check in on their feelings

We’ve all seen it: Someone is trying their best to take care of their elder, but they just aren’t…..happy. A lot of times, the elderly can feel like they’re being pushed around. If you want to keep someone as happy as possible, you have to be sure you’re meeting their needs and desires. It can be tricky, especially when all you get is an “I’m OK.” This means you have to gauge your elder’s comfort and feelings with a keen eye. Notice how they feel, and don’t be afraid to ask them how you can improve the quality of their life.