Buying Birthday Gifts on a Budget

Got another friend or family member’s birthday around the corner, but don’t fancy the idea of spending a bundle of cash on a present? Perhaps it is due to having a tight budget, or you are simply frugal with your money?

Whatever the reason, you shouldn’t feel guilty about going the inexpensive route with your present purchasing because, despite what pesky advertisers will claim, dropping a small fortune on the right present is not necessary. After all, it is not the value of the gift that is important – it is the thought that ultimately counts.

If you lack the creativity and time to come up with your own ideas, however, read on for some inexpensive birthday gift inspiration.

Design a custom card

If there’s something that can be relied upon to show your true thoughts and feelings, it is a personally made card.

Even if you are not the most talented artist or wordsmith, a bit of glue, shiny decorations and internet search-inspired words can go a long way to crafting an unforgettable card. If you need a little more help with the construction side of things, an online card maker is a great way to still produce a gift with care.

Produce a personalized mixtape

Sticking with the personalization side of things, creating a music mix is another cheap – yet effective – gift you can give to friends or family. In fact, creating a custom CD no doubt costs less than a pint at your local bar, while a digital mixtape can even be done for free.

Although with the in mind, an understanding of their music taste and/or songs you both enjoy is an important step for this particular item!

Cook up a feast

If you have a few cooking skills in your repertoire (or you know how to follow a recipe), preparing a meal is another present idea that follows the affordable brief. Obviously, the cost of the food is down to what you select, but you’ll be typically looking at spending a fraction of the money you would at a standard restaurant. Plus, when compared to selecting a random dish from a menu, preparing the meal yourself displays an extra level of care and thoughtfulness.

Coupon book

Another entry into the ‘free but wonderfully thoughtful’ category is a coupon book. If you don’t know what a personalized coupon book is, it is essentially creating a collection of redeemable treats for the recipient – only it is up to you to provide said treats! Think of things like ‘one free back rub’ or ‘help clean your living room’ as the coupons.

Create a fun, inexpensive gift bag

So, a gift bag with multiple items might not seem like the most cost-effective present overall. However, this gift bag doesn’t have to feature a myriad of low to mid-range items. In fact, have a search of websites like Amazon and eBay with ‘cheap stuff’ in mind, and you will be faced with a treasure trove of wacky, fun gifts with a (very) low price tag. Mix these with personal items like a favorite photo, and you have a kooky present made with love.