Best Work-from-Home Jobs

2020 came a-knocking with a lot of surprises up its sleeve. Although the world we’re living in has been undergoing quite a few changes in the way we think, behave, or socialize, the working habits we’ve acquired over the past few years have shown one thing: the job market is dictating a tempo that not only propels people to seek home-based jobs, but it also offers countless opportunities to do so. The only trouble is picking the jobs that are likely to earn you a profit and are well worth the effort. If you are organized and manage time well you may want to explore how to become an executive assistant. That is a job that can be done remotely that is worth the profit and effort.

Virtual assistants

This profession has taken the online job market by storm. Not only because it is gaining popularity with employers who want to avoid the employment costs, but it is also giving employees a chance to work from home.

The job involves everything assistants usually do, except that you do it from the comfort of your home. By replying to emails, assisting with social media, making phone calls, bookkeeping, and scheduling appointments, you can earn as much as $15 per hour.

Data entry

This job is rather self-explanatory. As there is an increasing number of businesses that have trouble with organizing large amounts of data, people who have these skills are in demand. Depending on the business, the type of data that needs to be gathered and entered into spreadsheets and documents might include product specifications, inventory, outputs or inputs, and many more.

Joining reputable freelance sites such as Upwork can give you a clear overview of the competition and the hourly rates. In addition, it can fill you in on the type of skills that data entry specialists need.

Survey taker

Believe it or not, taking surveys is one of the simplest ways of making extra cash. Everybody has an opinion and now we can monetize it. Although you won’t be able to count on whopping figures with this side gig, if you want to earn through taking paid surveys, make sure you check in at sites that are legitimate and never take membership fees.

Many companies want to check the pulse of their potential markets and the feedback they receive is valuable to them. This is why there are more and more websites that compete in attracting people willing to take online surveys.


Are you a fast typer? If you are, then it’s time for you to consider freelancing as a transcriptionist. With this home-based job, you are required to transcribe audio or video materials by using extraordinary listening and typing skills, with no room for errors.

This is an ideal way to supplement your income and work from anywhere. Timely returns and a tendency to meet deadlines are also desirable qualities to possess when applying for this position.


This is not a typo. You know how Instagram and YouTube are packed with how-to videos? Someone must have put a lot of time and effort into filming them. And that’s what video bloggers (vloggers) do! It’s common knowledge that YouTubers get paid for their videos depending on the number of shares, clicks, and views. So, becoming a vlogger is ideal for those who love mixing business and pleasure.

If you have a talent for making appealing short videos and you have a significant number of followers on your social media accounts, then it’s time you started considering vlogging as an income source. Many businesses are on the lookout for vloggers to engage in their influencer marketing campaigns, and the majority of them are willing to pay in order to get their brand across.

Web developer

Any business that aims at building a strong online presence has to set up a great website or a blog. As the demand for skilled web developers increases, so do the job opportunities.

Since building a website doesn’t require that you sit in an office from 9 to 5, it offers an opportunity to work as a self-employed web developer with flexible working hours and an hourly rate that can go as high as $150, depending on the scope of the project.

Final thoughts

Until recently, the prospect of making a decent living from your home was nothing short of a fairy tale. Still, the reality speaks volumes about the tremendous opportunities opening as we speak. The number of sought-after freelance professions is skyrocketing more than ever.

In any case, always make sure to collaborate with reputable employers that will give you due credit for the time and effort you put into each project.