5 Ways for College Students to Make Some Extra Money 

Nothing says “Welcome to the adult world” like being able to make your own money. We often hear that we should make an effort to find a job as soon as we graduate but the truth is we can start earning money long before we sport that graduation cap. In case you’ve been short on cash while still at college, read on to find the best ways to make your wallet swell a bit.

Become a freelancer

The list of jobs you can apply for as a freelancer goes beyond your wildest dreams. All the way from writing articles and designing logos to managing social media accounts, the freelance market is abundant in opportunities for your every talent, hobby, or profession. In order to tap into this income source, you should take a look at freelance platforms like Upwork, Toptal, or Peopleperhour and see what they have in store. Not only will you be able to earn the extra money but you will also improve the skills that will help you later on in your career.

Sell your art

Many young people have artistic aspirations but the majority of their artwork never leaves the comfort of their laptop, room, or camera. Luckily, there are plenty of ways you can sell your photos, drawings, or computer animations online. Sites like DeviantArt or Shutterstock offer the chance to upload your artwork, which then becomes available for purchase. Of course, you won’t be able to sell a piece of your art at a whopping price. The chances are that you will get around 20% of the amount, with the tendency for it to go higher as you build your reputation on the platform.

Participate in market research

If you ever wondered where all those statistics “X out of Y people” come from, then you will be surprised to find that you could be one of many to voice your opinions and earn money online just by answering surveys. Many companies are dying to hear about their customers’ preferences and they hire agencies to compose surveys in order to analyze the obtained information and use it in their campaigns later on. The good news is that you can sign up and answer those questionnaires and get paid for it. In any case, make sure you avoid the growing number of scam sites and stick with reputable ones.

Pet sit!

This is probably any dog or cat lover’s dream job. If you find animals adorable, you can apply to take care of them while their owners are away or even take them for walks when the owners are busy. This side job is ideal for animal lovers but it also requires that you are responsible and patient. Websites like Care.com lets people all over the world apply for pet sitting services in their respective countries. What’s more, this site lets you apply for babysitting and senior care too, in case you’re not a fan of our furry friends.

Start a blog or vlog!

We’ve left this option last but not because it’s the worst. On the contrary, it could prove to be the most lucrative of all but unfortunately, earning money from blogging takes a lot of time and success is not guaranteed. Either way, if you have a hobby or a talent you’ve been shy about, this could be the perfect time to share it online. Blogging knows no age boundaries and you never know how many people share your passion. This being said, the most important thing is to start blogging (or vlogging) about something you really love and establish yourself as an expert in that field. It’s all uphill from there because people tend to recognize someone who genuinely shares their interest and they will always want to follow you online.

In the end, the thing you have to remember is that working up a sweat will lead to becoming a responsible adult. Not only will you acquire the essential skills that will encourage your personal and professional growth but you will also earn some extra cash, making your college days even more memorable.