5 Part-Time Jobs For Teenagers to Earn Extra Cash

Have you got a teenager that’s eager to start making money for a car, new shoes, video games, or to start saving for college? If so, there are plenty of amazing opportunities for them to explore. Maybe they’ll even learn a thing or two about life while they’re at it. Here are five part-time jobs for your teenager to earn extra money.

Mowing Lawns

Mowing yards in the summer is an excellent way for teens to earn a little extra cash. Not only is it easy, but you can earn a decent chunk of change in only a couple of hours. This is especially nice if they’re only looking for a job while school is out of session, as they can start mid-spring and stop once it starts to cool down.


Parents have a lot on their plate, and sometimes juggling a baby or kids just doesn’t fit into their day. This is where being a babysitter comes in handy. Parents are always looking for a reliable and trustworthy babysitter to keep an eye on their kids while they go to work, go out on certain nights, or have other engagements that don’t allow them to be in two places at once.

Work at the Movies

Who doesn’t like the movies? The smell of popcorn, access to free shows, sweeping up all the trash in a theater after the movie is finished. Simply blissful. It also makes for an excellent first job for teens, as it allows them to work very specific hours, which is helpful if they have school to attend. If your teen is a fan of movies, this might just be the perfect job for them.


We’re not going to lie, fast food isn’t all that fun. Customers can be rude, you smell like grease, and you likely won’t want to eat there ever again. However, if you gotta do what you gotta do, it pays. Your teen will at least have their pick of restaurants to choose from, with plenty of chains that are more than willing to hire.

Walking Dogs

Dogs are cute, furry, and excitable, which is why taking them for walks and getting paid for it sounds like a piece of cake. Some owners simply don’t have enough time in the day to take their favorite companions out as often as they deserve. If your teen is a fan of dogs—as most are—they’ll be more than happy to spend time with a pupper or two and earn money in the process.

Now Hiring

Teens looking for part-time jobs will be happy to know that there is no shortage of opportunities available to them. These are all great jobs to consider, but there are plenty more, such as working as a cashier at a grocery store, being a seasonal lifeguard at the local pool, or even waiting tables. Sure, these might not end up being your teen’s future career, like being a doctor or working for a company like OTW Safety might be, but they’ve got to start somewhere.