4 Tips for Getting Started in New York’s Real Estate Market

The real estate market in New York State is one of the most diverse — and dynamic — in America. From small upstate towns with a quieter pace of life to opulent Long Island Mansions and everything in between, there are a lot of exciting opportunities for passionate, dedicated real estate agents to make careers for themselves. If being an agent sounds too difficult, then you should consider real estate investment software as this allows you to get involved in real estate without going through the steps of the licensing process.

If you want to experience the excitement and independence of working as a realtor or a real estate salesperson this year, here are the four things you need to do to get started.

  1. Take an Online NY Real Estate Course

Before you can take the state exam to become a licensed agent, you need to go through a 75-hour course covering the basics of real estate law and practice. The NY State real estate course is designed to familiarize you with the things you will need to know to handle real estate purchases and sales in the Empire State, and if you haven’t taken and passed this course, you won’t be able to apply for a real estate license.

Fortunately, there are schools that offer this course online, so if you want to become a realtor in NYC this year all you need to do to get started is find an online real estate NY school and get started on your real estate classes today.

  1. Pass the Final and State Exams

In New York, there are two exams you need to pass in order to become licensed. First, you need to take your NY real estate course final exam and pass with at least seventy percent. Then you need to take the NY State real estate license exam and achieve a grade of seventy percent or higher.

Both of these exams are multiple-choice, and the second must be taken online through New York State’s Occupational Licensing Management System, eAccessNY.

  1. Find a Broker to Sponsor You

In order to work as a real estate agent in New York, you need to operate under the umbrella of a brokerage. Real estate agents cannot legally handle purchases or sales unless they are working through a broker who has passed their brokerage exam, and a broker will help provide you with legal and marketing support.

When researching brokerages to work for, try to find one that specializes in the kind of sales you do. For example, if your preference would be to work in mid-range condo sales, find a brokerage that has an established track record of doing this kind of business.

  1. Apply for a New York Real Estate License

Once you have found a broker willing to hire you on as a real estate agent, you can apply for the final thing you need to start your career in New York real estate: your real estate license.

New York makes this process much easier than other states. Once you have passed your exams and found a sponsoring broker, you can use an eAccessNY account to apply for your license, at which point the Department of State will review your application and send you the official license through the mail.

With your license in hand and a broker behind you, you’re ready to start making deals. At this point, you can choose to specialize in one particular segment of the market, or you can explore the variety of options available to you in New York real estate. The world is your oyster!