Why You Need To Start Video Marketing Now

Video Marketing

The internet has redefined the world of advertising and marketing, its ability to connect the all people on the planet means that it has never been simpler for business’ to reach their target customers. Add to that the way that we can now measure trends of the public and what they want gives marketers an easy route to the prospective clientele of business’ that they work for. One such method that strikes a chord with all internet users is video marketing and if you and your business aren’t using it then it’s time that you started, and here’s why.


Every search engine in existence gives huge kudos to companies that take advantage of using videos on their websites, it is considered very user friendly and in search terms, very respected. Using videos on your site will bump you up the search engines better than any other form of content meaning that you are more likely to be found by future customers online.

Social Media Ripple

The single most viral type of content in the last few years has been videos and the beauty of social media is that if you create a great video and people like it, the growth and popularity is exponential. This ripple effect gets the name of your brand, product or business to the masses at an incredible speed and you’d be a fool not to take advantage of it.

Visitor Retention

The truth is that in the main, people are lazy, especially when browsing online and watching videos is far less taxing than reading an article. If you have a great range of products that you want to sell on your website then you can use videos to display them or videos to guide the user around your site to get what they want. This will not only help the bounce rate on your website but give the user far greater value, both of which help your company stay in the minds of the customer for repeat business.


Video market gives users a face to put next to the product, this builds trust between your business and your customer which is vital to any company. Even if you just have a voice over on your video, you are still speaking with your customer which is far greater than just allow them to read a blurb about a product to decide if they wish to buy it, this in turn should see you sell far more volume.

Show off the Product

Whatever product or service it is that you are selling can be demonstrated and displayed via video giving the customer a full understanding of what you are offering them. Photos on your website are still important but consider the smartphone users for example, website photos aren’t nearly as easy to view on phones as videos are and doing this can open your products up to far more people.