Money saving tips for the whole family


Managing a family’s finances always takes careful planning and a lot of imagination. With plenty of new challenges like school trips, holidays and birthdays adding significantly to the monthly outgoings, it can cause more than a few financial headaches.

But by following a few of these money saving tips that range from help on finding discount vouchers to some interesting finance options, it shows that with a little ingenuity, you and your family can enjoy a fun and frugal lifestyle!

Voucher hunting

Whenever we buy goods online, we should always check to see if there is a discount voucher code that can be applied at the checkout. There are plenty of voucher code websites that can help you find the relevant codes and even provide a few gift ideas. But for a truly simple way to see if there’s a voucher for your chosen product, simply download the Google Honey extension for your Google Chrome browser as this automatically hunts down the best voucher codes for you!

Finance options

Whilst the Google Honey extension is pretty impressive, it does have a few limitations. And that’s why for certain products you may need to be a little more tactical in making a purchase. For larger products like cars and beds, it’s often not an option to pay a large lump sum. But with Bedstar’s finance options meaning that we can all enjoy a better night’s sleep without breaking the bank, it shows how having a long-term plan is a great way to organise your family’s finances.

Stay loyal

Many modern companies like to reward their most dedicated customers by offering loyalty schemes and reward points which are an easy way to rack up some impressive savings. Whether it’s attending the same petrol station to build up your Nectar points, or just following your favourite brands on Facebook to be first in line for that end-of-season sale for kid’s clothes, it’s clear that staying loyal can lead to more pennies saved!

Wait and see

However, it’s simply planning ahead that can still provide the biggest savings. This can take the form of planning an entire week’s meals with one single trip to the supermarket rather than relying on the local shop or takeaway food. And even just waiting until Amazon’s famously fluctuating prices take another tumble can also provide you and your family with some eye-opening savings that prove that it’s not just beds on finance deals that can provide us all with a little extra pocket money!