Love your Job and Love your Wheels: How to Earn a Living from your Passion for Driving


You love the open road. You love weaving in and out of traffic. You love finding the best routes and making the best time. Driving is not just something you have to do, but something you really enjoy. Sure, you could drive your truck, car, or motorcycle for fun but why not make some money doing what you enjoy? Love your job while on top of four wheels. Here’s how to earn some cash while burning gas.


Uber is just one of the burgeoning service based companies mimicking the taxi driver business model. However, taxis are pretty apparent in cityscapes but not so much in suburban and rural places. If you have availability and willing to be courteous to passengers, consider working for Uber based out of Toronto or other locations.


You don’t have to take people from one place to another, but if you have a RAM truck 2500 or similar type of vehicle with space in the back, you could haul equipment. Alternatively, you could load the back with mulch, sod, sand bags, and other landscaping needs. It’s a great way to make some cash, and you’d be surprised to find the number of people who need occasional yet steady help.


Google is a mammoth company and most know it from its search engine. However, most of Google’s money comes from advertising. Businesses pay big bucks for brand exposure. Being a moving billboard may be in your future if you find business owners interested in having you advertise. Invest in car wraps, drive around, and advertise for local businesspeople.



People are moving every day and prices for a ready, willing, and efficient mover ranges. You could offer someone the convenience of not needing to rent a U-haul. Plus, if you’re willing to carry their items, you can charge them for labour too. You could earn some good money working on the weekends alone.

Trail a Truck

Get a license and trail a food truck behind you. Get familiar with Canadian food truck laws and vendor needs. Next, scout legal and available locations, ones populated by people who already like the variety of food you serve or may be new to the delicacy. You don’t have to come up with too many ideas; food truck franchise opportunities are available.


Scout neighbourhoods for the discarded items of others in addition to being a regular attendant of yard sales in the nearby vicinity and beyond. You could take interesting pieces to pawn shops and see if you can get great money for others’ valuables. Alternatively, you could look for items of interest at yard sales then sell the items for a higher price on Amazon and similar online platforms.


Some workers are frustrated by the lack of overtime work available. However, you can pivot and ask your boss if there is a task to perform that involves driving your car. It could be that your boss would like you to pick up clients at an airport, or you may have to deliver documents throughout town for several hours each week. It shows team spirit and ingenuity in making more money.