The Best Apps to Use for Budding Entrepreneurs



As amateur entrepreneurs, we tend to look for people who can inspire us and motivate us to do our business. It could be other entrepreneurs who have defied the odds and have become successful in their respective industries. It could also be our friends and family who have guided us through everything we went through just to get to our place now. Whoever it is, they have more or less influenced our decisions at one point.

Other than people, we also look for tools to help us push ourselves to become great entrepreneurs. Certain ways we can make use of technology to help us in our personal growth and in the progress of our business. For instance, after getting a small business loan online, you have a lot of business ideas you want to try but are a little hesitant in executing them.

Good thing, there are mobile apps out there that can keep you right on track. Here are some of the most useful apps you can use as a novice entrepreneur.


Lift is a free mobile app available on iPhone and Android. The creators of the app believes that we can easily achieve our goals if we are being held accountable by other people. So the app works like a crowdsourced encouragement by allowing you to choose the goals you want to achieve and the type of coaching you need to do it. You can hire a coach, get props from other users, and set up a reminder so you would not forget to do the task.


This is another goal setting free mobile app, but it is more for personal accountability use. They start with a premise that actions speak louder than words. Every time you enter a goal, you need to appoint a total number of points to it. You will start with a score of zero for the week, and you are able to do your tasks, you can get a score as high as 100. The best part about this is there are three versions you can use depending on your business: individual, team, and enterprise.


So you would not forget any important task or meeting, Checkmark is one of the best tools so you would always be reminded of them. You can choose how you will be reminded of important stuff. For instance, you can set up a location based reminder. So if your phone detects that you are in a particular area like a meeting place, it will send a notification.


Evernote is used commonly as an inspirations board, but its primary use is for people to take notes with. You can type your notes, speak it, or save a link for it. The best thing about it is you can always go back to it whenever you feel like there is a dry spell happening in terms of cooking up new ideas for your business.


One habit you need to learn is keeping tabs on your expenses and gains. The Expensify app allows you to log expenses and manage financial reports. It also allows you to take a picture of receipts so you have digital proof should you need them. There are still so many features Expensify has that can help you manage data and finances.

Bizness Apps

If you are a small business looking to build apps for your customers, then Bizness Apps is for you. You can enable features like a loyalty program, a food ordering system and more.

There is so much we can do with the available technology we have now. Pretty soon, our small business will be booming.