5 Key Factors to Consider When Entering The AU/NZ Market


Image source: Shutterstock

There are always risks when expanding your business, whether it be locally, nationally or internationally. However, these risks vary depending on exactly what market you are planning on penetrating. The business opportunities available in the Australian and New Zealand market are huge – attracting both startup endeavours and enterprise expansions alike.

1. Master your own market first

The first step in order to expand into the Australian or New Zealand market, as with any international market, is to make sure you have a solid operation going on in your home country. Australia and New Zealand offer huge trade opportunities for Northern Hemispheric and local counterparts, however becoming knowledgeable in the production, and the overall business experience in your own marketplace will give you the initial confidence to attract strategic partners.

2. Seek out local experts

Unless you have insider knowledge on the Australian or New Zealand markets (and they both differ, as well), it’s difficult to know exactly when and where to invest. Start off by investing in a serviced or virtual office, and with Servcorp, choose from 28 premium office locations across Australia and New Zealand Learning through trial and error can cost a lot of effort, time, morale and money. As well as this, you may be up against the odds when limited by factors such as culture, customs and language. Save yourself the pain; work with local experts that can support your operations. Search for partners that can complement your business model in areas such as sales, operations, supply chain, legal, accounting and distribution. Also investigate the availability