3 Tips for Finding Your First Job After College

If you have recently graduated from college or are preparing to do so, congratulations! Graduating from college is both an exciting and daunting experience. After spending the past four (or more) years in school, it can be intimidating to take those first steps into the “real world” and start job hunting. One of the biggest challenges for recent graduates is figuring out how to get their foot in the door at a company – especially if it’s one that already has countless other applicants vying for each position. While finding your first real job after college may feel like a challenge, there are practical tips you can use to help increase your chances of getting hired and make sure you stand out from the competition! In this post, we’ll explore three essential strategies every new grad should consider as they begin their professional career: creating a strong resume, using online tools to search efficiently, and networking strategically.

1. Polish up your resume and make sure it reflects the skills you have acquired

The single most important thing you can do when searching for a new job is ensuring that you have a professional resume that not only highlights your experience and accomplishments both in and out of the classroom, but allows you to stand out from other applicants. Unless you make it to a face to face interview with a potential employer, your resume is the only way for an employer to get a feel for who you are as a person and what you have accomplished, so it is important to spend some time polishing up your resume to ensure that it accurately reflects your skills. 

2. Utilize online job boards, such as Indeed and Glassdoor, to actively search for jobs 

In 2023, the best way to find a job in your desired field is by searching on online job boards. 2 of the most popular sites, Indeed and Glassdoor, allow you to sort through job listings by your specific preferences, and allows you to send your resume to potential employers and companies like get lowered cycles with ease.

3. Reach out to your network of friends and family for leads on potential employment opportunities 

One of the best ways to find the job of your dreams is by speaking with well connected family and friends. This not only allows you to hear about jobs and open positions that might not have attracted you otherwise, but will make the process of getting hired slightly easier since you already have a good recommendation from someone you know.