Which Jobs Can Earn You The Most Amount of Money


I do a lot of teaching and speaking in schools about careers and what kind of careers it is that kids want to do and how they can achieve it. One of the most popular questions that I ask the students is what they actually want to achieve from their career and more often than not the most popular answer that comes back is earning money. Some say power, others say respect and some say happiness but money is always the defining factor by which these kids are basing their idea of a successful career. and there is really nothing wrong with that. If you are the same as the other kids that I speak to and you want to become a high earner, here are some of the positions which command the biggest salaries.


Lawyers like Jon Bunge need to work extremely hard to get to where they are and throughout high school, college and the law school they must perform at a high ability to be able to even be able to practice as a lawyer. The role of a lawyer is highly prestigious and these men and women work hard every day to uphold the law and ensure that all of their clients receive a fair and just trial. The job involves long hours, hard work, vast amounts of intelligence and compassion, each and every day. It is for this reason that lawyers are some of the highest earners in the country and the more successful that you are, the more money that you can command.

Chef Executive Officer

If you flick through the pages of Forbes magazine’s list of richest people you will see that the large majority of them are CEOs of some of the biggest companies in the United States. Sone of these CEOs have started their own companies and taken them to high levels of success and others have worked tirelessly to reach the top of their company. No matter how they got there, these men and women have an incredible amount of weight upon their shoulders and they make decisions each and every day that involves millions of dollars and at times, millions of people, all of which comes with the bonus of a huge salary.



Doctors, like lawyers ,must work tirelessly throughout their careers to even be able to practice as a doctor and they must show extremely high levels of intelligence to be able to pass through medical school.  It goes without saying how important a role doctors play in the lives of everybody and their ability to diagnose and treat disease as well as having the power to save people’s lives is highly respected and also highly rewarded financially. To be a doctor requires a huge amount of skills in both personally and professionally and the specialists in the medical world are the ones who can earn the most money.