Tips for New Parents Studying Their MPH Degree

One of the most wonderful things about the modern education system we have is that it is never too late, for anyone who wants to, to return to their studies. Although many parents are understandably apprehensive about returning to their studies while juggling the responsibilities of being a parent, with a little bit of time management it can be done.

The advent of online degrees as a viable route through education and in to a career has meant that degrees are now attainable by anyone, anywhere with an internet connection. Studying an online masters in public health is not only cheaper than taking a traditional campus course, you can also elect to study part-time and complete your degree over a longer period.

Whether you choose to study full-time or part-time, studying as a parent is a radically different experience to most students. In this article we take a look at some of the top tips for parents who want to continue to pursue their studies.

Make a Timetable

Making a timetable, and more importantly sticking to it as rigidly as possible, will get you in to good time management habits. Time management is probably the most valuable skill that a student can possess, it is also a very useful skill to have when working professionally in the field of public health.

It is important that your timetable considers not only the time that you need to dedicate to your studies, but that it also makes provisions for you to have some time to rest and relax; if you neglect this side of things then you are dooming yourself to fail.

Consider Studying Online

Studying a masters in public health online offers a number of important benefits for parents. In particular, there is the reduced cost as distance learning such as online courses costs a fraction of the equivalent campus course. Another key advantage of studying online is that you can study as a part-time student, further reducing the stress of studying and making it easier to fit in around your parenting duties.


This is another skill that is both important to master as a student, and as a professional in the field of public health. In both arenas you will often find yourself presented with a range of options and a number of tasks which need completing. The ability to efficiently prioritize your time so that you remain on top of the most important things, without letting everything else slip away, will be important for success as both a student and a professional.

Study Whenever You Can

If you type your notes up, or make them digitally to begin with, then consider keeping copies of them on your smartphone so that you can access them while on the go. This will allow you to take the opportunity whenever you find a spare couple of minutes to quickly look over what you’ve learned and commit it to memory.

If you want to study a masters in public health, then don’t let parenthood stop you. With the right dedication and time management you can successfully study while raising children.