Screen & Media Makeup Courses. What to consider when choosing a course!

So you want to study to become a makeup artist but you aren’t quite where to start looking? Here are some things to consider when choosing the right course for you!

The first thing to consider is what kind of career you are looking for in the industry? Are you interested in sales and marketing; bridal and events makeup; Film and TV makeup; editorial and runway makeup; special effects makeup; body and face painting? There are a lot of different options out there and endless opportunities when it comes to a career in makeup, so thinking about what area you think you might be interested in can help you narrow down some of your options.

The second thing to consider is how much time you have to study. We are lucky in this day and age to have so many different types of courses on offer to us, so you can generally find one that will fit around your schedule whatever that might be. You may also be able to find online options that are suitable for you.

Budget can also be a factor in deciding on the right course for you. Lot’s of schools offer payment plans or government subsidies so it is worth doing your homework and finding the plan that best suits you!

If you aren’t sure which area of the industry you want to get involved in, or you are interested in multiple career choices a Diploma in Screen and Media might be the right choice for you. An online Diploma in Screen and Media in Australia would allow you to explore all the options available for you in the makeup industry from your very own home. It starts with the basics, looking at face shapes and colour theory, moving into bridal, glam and editorial makeup before exploring the realm of special effects and prosthetic makeup. Some courses offer hairstyling units as well to give you the best opportunity to break into the industry and be ready for any job that might come your way.

So whether you are looking for a course in glamour and event makeup, Film and TV makeup or special effects makeup online Australia, there is something out there for you!

Check out a Diploma of Screen and Media online course in Australia for more information on your course options and potential career opportunities.