Resume Tips for Finance-Related Careers

As you begin your job search, take some time to review some tips before submitting your resume to finance recruiters in San Francisco. Your resume should be optimally written and formatted to catch the attention of our executive recruiters and potential employers. Here are some top resume tips for finance-related careers.

Identify Your Target

Whether this is your first resume or you’ve submitted thousands before, it never hurts to review some guidelines. First, remember to always tailor your resume to the specific job you’re applying for. Don’t just submit a generalized or irrelevant resume and expect someone to pick it up.

Think of the specific finance job target you desire, review job postings, and get a sense of the desired qualifications in that role. Determining your target and performing preliminary research will help you know what experience and skills to emphasize on your tailored resume.

Summarize Your Crucial Qualifications

Your core strengths and key qualifications should be summarized on the first half of your resume. Highlight your professional summary, areas of expertise, and any finance industry licenses or certifications. As a recruiter or employer skims your resume, they should get a good impression of your general background and what skills you bring to the table.

Emphasize and Quantify Your Accomplishments

The rest of your resume should focus on your professional background in finance or accounting. Under each previous employer, showcase your basic job responsibilities and a list of accomplishments. Whenever possible, quantify your results. Utilize numbers to show any increased growth, revenue, or how many people you supervised. Quantified accomplishments are a great way to present your precise achievements and productivity.

As a leading provider of finance staffing solutions, Beacon Resources provides personalized resume tips for candidates. Once you submit your resume to us, an executive recruiter will get in touch with you to help you build a stronger resume and set you on the path to success.