How to Pass a Difficult College Course

No one graduates from a four-year university without a few hiccups along the way. And ideally, students should find college classes both challenging and difficult. If college were easy, no one would learn any important skills and the entire experience wouldn’t be valuable at all. Still, there’s nothing fun about struggling to make the grade in a particularly exigent course. Though you may feel downcast about your prospects now, note that it’s entirely possible to pull through and complete even the most advanced class. Just make sure to follow these four steps:

Schedule Wisely

Certain classes garner a reputation for being particularly tricky or time-consuming. If you know you have to take such a class in order to graduate, then consider rearranging your schedule to accommodate this potential stumbling block. Give yourself plenty of time to study in between classes. Lastly, if at all possible, taking fewer hours in a given semester can help you focus on a class that’s especially taxing.

Team Up

If you have a few friends who are also enrolling in a difficult class, it’s a wise idea to partner up with them and form a study group. No, hitting the books with fellow students is hardly a revolutionary idea, but the fact remains that two (or more) heads are better than one!

Make Mistakes in Class

It’s very tempting to clam up and refuse to participate in a class that you find confusing. After all, no one wants to look like a fool in front of their peers. Yet, there’s a massive benefit to speaking up in class –– even if you’re unsure of you conclusions. Making mistakes in discussion periods will allow teachers to correct you and set you back on the right track. Plus, if you find the material hard to grasp –– odds are –– so do most of your classmates.

Utilize Different Media

Once upon a time, students had relatively few resources at their disposal. If, say, they needed to learn about a UV transparent 96 well plate, they could either visit their lab and speak to a teacher, or else they could go to the library and hope to find a book about lab equipment. And that was it. Now though, students can and should make use of the amazing tool that is the internet. There are thousands (if not millions) of websites dedicated to academic material, in addition to the myriad of educational videos, podcasts, and infographics on the web. If you’re having trouble making sense of a topic, then branch out until you find a medium that speaks to you. Remember, we all learn in different ways!