How Much Does a Graphic Designer Earn?

Graphic designing is not a job that suits everyone, but for someone who has the talent for it, no formal training or education is needed. It’s a lucrative career option that can be attained with DIY learning and training. Anyone enthusiastic about creating and editing digital art, and willing to learn and improve their craft can become a graphic designer.

How much does a graphic designer earn?

So what are the financial prospects for someone who wants to pursue a career in graphic design? Based on data from, a graphic designer with one to four years of experience can earn an average of £21,223 per year. Those who are classified as mid-career designers (with up to 9 years of experience) earn around £24,637. Those who hold advanced positions earn more than £60,000 annually. Freelancers, on the other hand, can earn £200 to £400 per day depending on their experience.

It bears pointing out, however, that graphic designers who want to earn more may need to get a formal education. Based on graphic design jobs posted online, nearly 9 out of 10 are looking for candidates who have a relevant degree. The degree does not have to be about graphic design, per se. It can be anything related to design or something that trains a person’s sense of art and design techniques.

According to Graphic Design Oxford experts, graphic designers typically work on web design, the development of user interfaces, animation and motion graphics, app design, information architecture, and user experience design. Advanced positions require advanced skills and training, but they entail higher earnings. Graphic designers may work as illustrators for print and online publications, product packaging, and marketing materials. They can also become art directors or freelancer artists.

Can you get passive income from graphic design?

The answer is most definitely a yes! Graphic designers are in an excellent position to create opportunities for generating passive income. They can develop fonts, take and enhance photos for stock images, develop blog themes (particularly for WordPress), create add-ons for the Adobe family of software tools, or produce designs that can be used on shirts or other wearables.

Graphic designers are unlikely to earn large amounts of passive income quickly. Sometimes, they may not even generate the desired earnings at all, after several years. They may have to accumulate hundreds or even thousands of works that can be sold to potential buyers before they can start seeing the cash flow in. It’s going to take time and a lot of effort, but for someone who loves to work with graphics, it’s not going to be that much of a burden.

In conclusion

If you have talent in graphic design, you have at least one way to generate not only direct income but also passive income. What’s more, it’s something you don’t have to spend several years in college for. You can learn the craft on your own and start offering your services to potential clients. You can also create designs and other related products such as templates, design add-ons for apps, vectors, image manipulations, and fonts, which can be sold to online publishers, bloggers, and others who need visual elements for their projects.