Corona Outbreak: 7 Major Ways to Keep Up with Your Learning Experiences

In the outbreak of COVID – 19, we must think beyond the next level of compliance learning. People are shifting to online education, but need a platform that includes crucial practices to have a successful learning experience. To facilitate E-learning during the virus outbreak is challenging as virtual learning requires a lot of motivation to keep going.

Below mentioned are some of the best ideas on how to keep your learning experience going during this pandemic –

Build personalized learning playlists

Choose some of the types of learning activities from a range of methods that can help you to work on it every day. These personalized learning playlists work best for them who are self-guided in learning activities. The playlists give them the freedom to pick their choice of learning activity. Activities with group collaboration and digital content help gain mastery of specific subjects. So set a minimum point requirement and accomplish the necessary learning at your own pace or a scheduled time-period.

Make It as Flexible as Possible 

Keep your learning time table as flexible as possible as it gives you space and scope to achieve your courses at your own pace. Meeting deadlines and being punctual in your assignments are required to accomplish online courses, but within that, the system intends the learner to understand the basics properly. During the lockdown, plan to extend your learning experience by adhering to deadlines while also keeping it flexible and achievable.

Adopt Technology

Incorporating technology into your learning experience will gradually help you to move out of the substantial style of standard learning. While books are one of the best learning aids, but sometimes it is not possible due to time and space constraints. So, adopt technology and get access to electronic devices like smartphones and laptops to enrich your learning experiences. Fortunately, you will get enough space to upload your needed learning materials and can operate it freely without any disturbance from the outbreak.

Gamification Is Your Friend

While it may sound stupid but enabling gamification in your learning will change the concept of learning and make it a fun activity. Online education platforms provide several gamification features to enhance the learning experience. Click here to understand the elements of gamification. Learn to leverage them to make learning fun and engaging. With attractive goals of collecting badges and unlocking achievements, gamification keeps you involved even in stressful times. Involve gamification in your study and learn exciting concepts that can bide your time creatively.

Creativity is the Key

Learning at home is a tedious and quite tricky aspect. So, to keep it more interesting, try some creativity in your assessment activity. You can even take help from your course colleagues or can initiate group activity wherein you can check their performance through automatic grading, which is available in online learning courses. Such unusual creativity will help you to embark on learning mode. It will also be a significant step to move further in collecting the information with several analytical trends. Such positive reinforcement keeps oneself motivated and the group for learning during COVID-19 lockdown.

Diversify your learning routine

The Coronavirus pandemic has scrambled everyone’s minds, and learning at home can prove particularly hard. To adjust to this new challenge, you need to involve E-learning as a part of your daily routine. Choose your favourable time and do your session in several sittings.

While to avoid the boredom of learning, you can diversify your learning pattern by introducing some educational videos on those topics or making a virtual tour with your online friends as per your specific subject to involve leisure during the coronavirus pandemic. With building a few changes in your approach and acknowledging the situation, you can keep up with your learning experiences.

Design robust and independent learning

In extreme circumstances like such keeping, yourself engaged in learning is quite a stress buster. Getting busy in completing assignments and designing some independent learning activities can help you to dedicate your time in creative aspects. To break the monotonous chain, you can divide your learning into smaller chunks. Including virtual meetings with your educators or colleagues can help you to maintain a human connection, thus making your learning experience quite enjoyable.