Checklist Before Sending Your Children On A Language Exchange in Another Country

Language Exchange

Thousands of students from all over the World every year take part in a language exchange with other students from a huge variety of countries to learn language, culture and ways of life. It is an incredibly exciting time for any youngster to head off to another country with just their schoolfriends and live with another family for a short while. If your child is one of those students that will be taking part then your thoughts will no doubt have turned to making sure that they are fully prepared for their trip away. To help you ensure that they have all that they need here is a quick checklist for you to use when preparing.


It is essential that your child has sufficient money when they go away, the last thing you want is for your child not to be able to take part in an activity because of a lack of money. You should also let your child know that they must be careful with their cash and to tell you what they have been spending it on when they return. The likelihood is that much will be paid for by the host family but don’t leave it to chance.


As a mark of respect to the host family and a cultural offering it is vital that your child takes some gifts to with them to give on arrival. These can be things that mean something to your family or something that represents your country well. The gifts don’t need to be expensive, just well thought out and they will instantly put smiles on the faces of the host family.

Something Memorable

For many children, leaving home and staying alone with another family can be a huge culture shock and it wouldn’t be surprising if they experience one or two lonely nights. Make sure that your child takes something that reminds them of home to help them through this time, perhaps something as simple as a family photograph or a letter will work wonders.

Dictionaries and Guidebooks

It may seem obvious but dictionaries, phrasebooks and city guides are very often forgotten by parents with a lot on their minds. You need to give your child every opportunity to succeed and giving them the option of referencing these books will help them to converse better and ultimately feel more comfortable. You don’t need to pack huge dictionaries like they may use at school, a pocket-size dictionary is sufficient and well in the world to your kid.


It goes without saying that clothing will be packed but you should make sure that your child is prepared for everything. Look at the weather forecast for their destination country before packingĀ as well as the itinerary for what they will be doing whilst they are there. You want your child to be self-sufficent when they are away and not need to ask the host family for anything other than food and education. Plan well and make sure your child has everything that they need.