6 Best Educational Apps For Children in 2016

Educational Apps

When it comes to the subject of smartphones and tablets in the hands of your kids, caution should be used. Access to everything, good and bad, that the internet has to offer is very easily reachable and it is important to teach your kids what and what not to do online. Equally, the world of online gaming is growing and growing and you should limit the time that your children spend on this. By the same token however, smartphones and tablets open up a whole new world of education for your kids and using the best that technology has to offer, it has never been easier for your children to learn. With this in mind here are 6 apps that you can download on smartphone and tablet to help your child’s education.


Elmo Loves 123

Who doesn’t love Sesame Street’s Elmo! And what better way for your young child to count than by using the Elmo-themed app. The app combines learning to count from 1-20 with simple addition and subtraction along with coloring pages, Sesame Street videos and surprises along the way, this a fantastic app for learning to count.

Fish School HD

This beautiful app is designed for ages 2-5 to help kids to learn shapes, numbers and colors. The app uses fish to teach children as they swim into various shapes and transform into various colors. The under-the-sea feature of this app really engages kids’ imaginations aiding them to remember what they have learnt with ease.¬†($1.99 at the App Store)

Ansel & Clairs Adventures in Africa

This one is aimed at kids aged 6-8 and takes them on a safari adventure where they will learn about animals and ways of life on the Serengeti, in the Nile Valley and the Sahara. Ansel’s character is a travel photographer and along with his robotic side-kick Clair they guide your child through puzzles, challenges and educational games. A great app that allows kids to learn with fun. ($4.99 at the App Store)

Dexteria Dots 2

This fun to use and colorful help is aimed to help kids from 6+ to enhance their math skills. The game uses dots that each represent a number, you must combine the dots to add, multiply and divide in order to achieve the target number. The game has fun animations to help add some fun to learning math. ($3)

Green Eggs and Ham by Dr.Seuss

Dr.Seuss is a name that is synonymous with children’s books and in this interactive app your child can learn as they read through the fun stories. As they progress through the story the kids can touch all of the objects on the page to see associated words and descriptions, fantastic for learning vocabulary and improving reading skills.

Stack the States

This great geography-learning app is aimed at kids of all ages to help improve their knowledge of the US of A. Your child must answer with the correct state based on questions with state flags, abbreviations and facts about each state, as they answer more questions, they unlock more levels. A fun game that will have them full of knowledge about each state in no time.