3 Medical Jobs for College Students

For many college students, there is nothing more important than securing a job or internship that is relevant to their field of study. Working in the field in which you hope to work after graduation looks great on your resume, and allows you to gain real world experience in the workforce so that you can get a better idea of what working life post-graduation might be like. This is especially important for students who intend to work in the medical field. Whether you’re a student in your university’s nursing program or a pre-med student planning to head to medical school after graduation, it is important for you to work in the healthcare field during your college career in order to get a feel for the real life workforce. 

Here are 3 jobs that are perfect for college students looking to gain experience in the field of medicine. 

Patient Transporter 

Working as a patient transporter allows students to gain hands-on experience in patient care. Students working in this position are responsible for transporting patients from one location to another, usually within one hospital or medical care site. From pushing wheelchair bound patients to individuals in hospital beds, this job might seem physically easy, but it requires students to work one on one with a diverse range of patients dealing with a vast range of medical issues. 

Medical Scribe

Medical scribes work with doctors to document patient information. This is a great job for college students as it is one that can be worked in person or remotely. Whether you’re working on-site or working as a medical scribe online, this job is the perfect way to work hands on with medical professionals and to build your understanding of medical terminology. 

Patient Sitter 

Another great opportunity to work one on one with a wide range of patients is in the position of a patient sitter. A patient sitter is tasked with the important duty of monitoring or caring for a patient while their nurse and other medical professionals are out of the room. A typical day in this position might require you to work alongside other medical professionals to follow patient care protocols, or doing simple tasks such as helping a patient eat, bathe, or use the bathroom. 

While this job might be relatively easy compared to other positions, it requires you to be good at hands on patient care, and will prepare you for working in a care facility after graduation.