The appropriate number of rompers for 6 months old baby

As the days pass, you realise how fast the little one grows out of clothes and runs through outfits in a day. So, you have to think about getting new clothing at different stages. You might have a bit more experience shopping for a six-month-old than when you bought newborn clothes. However, the process is just as stressful. Baby clothing comes in hundreds of designs, sizes and colours, which can make settling on just a few alternatives daunting. From boys pyjamas to dresses to bodysuits, the options are almost endless. You could find yourself buying clothes you don’t need. Rompers can be especially enticing because they are versatile and perfect for an active baby. A bodysuit is one of the must-haves for a six-month-old. How many pieces should you buy, though? Are 10 too many? Are five rompers enough? Keep reading to find out.


The Ideal Romper Pieces

Six to seven is the best number of bodysuits to get for a baby approaching six months. You should have enough options to rotate throughout the week. Have one special occasion romper that your little one can wear when going out. Rompers are perfect standalone pieces when the weather is warm and great for layering when it gets cold. Make certain you have the clothes in slightly different sizes. The best way to ensure this is to get different brands since manufacturers vary on sizing. Some brands have roomier fits than others. Half of the bodysuits can be a size bigger to accommodate your baby’s growth in the coming weeks. Mix up short- and long-sleeved rompers.


What to Consider

How do you determine how many bodysuits to get for your little boy or girl? The golden rule with baby clothes is to always have extras on hand. Although rompers are not the only clothes your young one wears, they should meet daily requirements. So, does your baby wear a romper or two in a day?

Factor in your washing cycle. If you do laundry once a week, then you might need more than seven pieces. Five bodysuits can do the trick if you wash daily. The point is to always have clean options on standby.

Romper Buying Guide

Bodysuits are appealing because they are hard for babies to wiggle out of. If your child is particularly fussy when dressing, then a comfortable bodysuit is invaluable. Take the time to research romper styles and find the right one for your young one. You can find gorgeous custom romper suits that will make or baby stand out, particularly when going out. Choose cotton because the material has excellent breathability. Whatever the weather, your baby will be comfortable in it. Additionally, it’s ideal for sensitive skin, which is why it is perfect for girls and boys pyjamas. Get light and heavy pieces for different weather. Consider the fastening mechanism. If you are scared of zippers catching on your baby’s skin, then straps and buttons are other alternatives. Remember, fasteners determine the ease of access during nappy changes. 

Every baby’s wardrobe needs rompers, which work for everything. You should have five or six pieces for daily use and one for special use for a six-month-old. Search for cute rompers that are excellent fits and comfortable for your little one.