A Trampoline For Your Backyard That Your Family Can Trust

What happens when the manufacturer of one of the most revered trampolines on the market partners with a digital game service committed to taking kids outdoors – without the added frustration of removing them from their devices? You get the world’s first smart trampoline that not only integrates fitness apps into its design, but sets the highest, most up to date standards in safety while doing it.

The tgoma digital game app has partnered with Springfree Trampoline to make it so any jumper can connect their tablet to the side of the trampoline, making for more interactive play time. Bluetooth technology allows for sensors located along the trampoline’s mat to track where jumpers are at any given moment. The tgoma system has games for both children and adults available including Alien Stomp based on the ever-popular fairground Whack-A-Mole, and tgomaFit allowing families to set goals, compete, and even connect with jumpers across backyards all over the world.

The digital aspect of these new trampolines is only the latest reason why this itemis considered so advanced; the main reason is the company’s strong commitment to safety – winning awards such as the Parent Tested Parent Approved award and the US Family Choice award.

This is because Springfree Trampoline has been engineered to remove many of the dangers associated with the traditional trampoline design. The first improvement has been the removal of springs used to connect the mat to the trampoline’s outer frame, in favour of flexible composite rods that are situated beneath the mat’s surface. This prevents anyone using the apparatusfrom actually coming into contact with metal coils, leading to potential injuries such as pinching, or catching.

The second major difference concerns the outer frame, which in traditional trampoline designs remains exposed. The creators of this smart trampoline have conveniently hidden the frame beneath the jumping surface as well; by eliminating the chance of contact with the frame – collisions with the hard metal are no longer a worry.

Finally, instead of using foam pads around the trampoline’s circumference to protect against shock, the shock absorption is built into what the company calls theirSoftEdge mat. The mat needs no additional support in creating a gentler jumping experience. For parents who are still unconvinced, there is a FlexiNet enclosure included, supported by flexible composite rods as well, guiding jumpers back to the surface should they get carried away.

Not only has this brand made trampoline jumping a more enticing form of exercise to millennial generations (whose rates of obesity have been skyrocketing over the course of the last two decades), they’ve reduced potential contact between the jumper and any hard objects or surfaces.

Now, your family can feel confident introducing a trampoline into their backyard that is high quality, build with your children’s’ best interests in mind, and provides them with manya good excuse to go outdoors, compete, engage and have fun – not just by sitting and chatting on their laptops.