Why Is Corporate Training Important to Your Business’ Success?

Let’s face it: We live in a world of low performance, low understanding, and little to no motivation. There was a time in the economy when people knew what their job was, and they were highly excited to do it. Nowadays, employees just seem untrained and unmotivated. How can we fix that? Corporate training.

The benefits of corporate training

According to some studies, well trained employees are more than 4 times as loyal than poorly trained ones (of which half leave their job in the first year). Great corporate training can really make or break an employee, and the data shows you can teach an older employee new tricks. When you take an employee, and you keep training them in the newest skills year after year, you are crafting two things:

  • First, you are creating an expert in that field. Rather than firing an employee and replacing them with an entry level know nothing who’s never had a single training in their career, you are making a bigger choice. You are making a choice to develop an employee’s expertise to be able to solve any problem and advance through the years of training.
  • Second, you are developing company loyalty. A company that cares more about hiring new employees than putting time and effort into older ones is no company at all. You can’t expect employees to work hard for your business if you don’t work hard for them. If you only invest in pawns, you only get pawns: Employees that can barely do anything and leave quickly. 

Having consistent corporate training is similar to having good communication, but on a larger scale: It ensures that every employee is on the same page and understands everything. In the military, they pride the fact that regardless of rank or job, you attended the same boot camp, and you constantly adhere to the same lifestyle standards. Why is that? It’s because creating a solid team is like creating a great racecar. You want something that works with ease, and can be interchangeable and cohesive extremely quickly. 

Creating this corporate sameness in employees ensures that no matter what each worker’s specific job is, their philosophy and basic understanding of the company is strong and the same as the rest of the company’s. It creates a sense of a real union of people, rather than an employer bossing everyone around.

Corporate Workshops

Probably the best way to go about corporate training is through third party workshops. Zoe Training & Consulting offers corporate trainings, and they’re immaculate. When you immerse yourself in what an outside group is teaching you, you’re getting access to all the latest training, standards, techniques, and business practices. Essentially, you are networking your business to other businesses by streamlining how yours functions. When you train often, and with different material, you expose any personal weaknesses that your company may be neglecting. A workshop is almost like exposing your employees to a professional customer: One with every want and need, and the tools to help them.